dont leave home without it

well, the pea and i left the camera in the car yesterday when we went to the night safari.

all in all, we had a pretty fun time, riding on the tram. i think the tram made the admission all worth it, really. and quite honestly, if you were visiting the night safari, then you have to get the tram tickets cos half of the animals are only accessible by tram.

we didn’t see alot of animals though, we saw alot of exhibits where the animals were camouflaged somewhere in there but well, because the pea and i are both pretty much night-blind, we had a giggle and walked on. and given our luck, we saw alot of animal bums rather than faces, but oh well.

we had dinner there by the way. $15 for sambal stingray & $15 for won ton mee. but the fire tribal show was pretty cool. den had his first singapore sling.

this was den’s first visit to the night safari. i think he enjoyed it pretty ok, but i think we should have just listened to our instincts and stayed in to play starcraft/read book. i think it was quite a novelty going to the night safari, but we won’t be visiting it again anytime soon.

we did however, buy the 2 parks hopper thing. so within the month we are going to the zoo, hopefully with quentin in tow. :)


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