a cottage in the woods


right now, all i want is to pick up the phone and call my travel agent with whom i have a mutually love-hate relationship (because i do not like her attitude but she gets the job done efficiently) and book a plane ticket out of this heat.

and i would simultaneously make a car booking and arrange to book a cottage in the woods.

now, when i get there, i’ll have me a hot cuppa chocolate, drap blankets over myself and indulge in a good riveting book.

but alas, i can’t. and i sit here, and sulk.



its been a lazy saturday; and i loved waking up to the rain. taking a little snooze in the afternoon with bronco’s family makes for waking up happy. well pleased.

so recently, on facebook, i found an old church friend of mine, called L, and boy am i glad we reconnected–its so wonderful meeting an old friend who knew you when you were still gawky and buck-toothy and filling each other in on the years lost inbetween. :) i am looking forward to seeing her around christmas! hoo boy.

talking to yux the other day about blogging, made me think how much i missed just putting pen to paper, metaphorically of course. and how i now blog like i was 14 again: because my vocabulary has shrunk. See, den! all my smarts have been diffused to you.

a puppy update

the puppies are all walking– running more like it– and its driving us all a little mental; there’s poop and pee everywhere– and its getting out of hand. anyway, we’ve informed the pea’s family that this tamarind bunch wants to keep the both puppies; as painful as that announcement was, i’m glad its finally out in the open.

yes we are keeping them both. no, i dunno how we will manage it, but i am sure it will be fine. yes, i am sure. the truth is, really, that (1) mariannlimeting decided one day to keep them both because she couldn’t decide on which one to give away. (2) my parents are both utterly in love with the pups– certain mornings we wake up and find them sitting on the floor outside their room playing with the pups.

but more logically, i think its because (1) we had to do HOURLY feeding for the first week of their lives; and because of the whole “critical” age issue and our worries (and my tears) over the fear they might keel over due to my inability to feed and warm them. (2) we were expecting 3 little boys; and instead we have one of each– like a matching set, know? (3) scottie and pepper have remarkably different characters; one is moody and takes a while to warm up, the other is game for anything gimmegimmegimme, one is a dream to bottle feed the other is sure to leave you with milk stains all over yourself because of the ensueing fight; one is huge and nearly the size of pixie the other is tiny enough to get lost in little nooks in the house.

these old walkways: outside acct bldg

i’m sitting here, outside the good old accountancy block, waiting for the pea to come and pick me up from the exact same spot he used to pick me up from 2 years ago.

its funny, these memories that grip you at the oddest times: the little corner at the accountancy benches, waiting for the cedar girls, chilling out w debs, studying w lavi, running across the roads w jp, eating polar puffs while watching shows on the mac, talking to complete strangers sharing the powerpoint plug, running to classes, running away fr classes, team flight, project meetings.

i miss the little bench. i remember when the pea and i just started going out, and how he’d have his laptop (and his brother on occasion) sitting there waiting for me after class or doing work there (while darryl watched movies on his ipod). the confabulations at the bench–some blushingly too-honest (oh debs, imagine if the security could hear our conversations!), some embarrassingly x-rated, and others, just laughing about the antics of the lift boy, or friends we know who made their own not-so-private home video, or wtf situations, like the stranger who sat down next to me, and we started talking about tiger onizukas, and the girl he was shacking up with got really upset about it she publicly flamed me on her blog, full name and all. i dont blame her, she just misunderstood the situation.

to re-do those four years again? hell no, i think i’d more likely chew off the end of my tongue first. maybe year 1, that was certainly fun. i think, i dunno. the more i think about it, the more shivers go down my spine. but maybe, just maybe i would have been happier if i made more effort to make more friends, rather than let groupmates and once-close friends fade into acquintances.

but you know, this is me, and i can’t seem to change it. i am not social by nature– its been a long time since those hot-tempered, ball-busting, hip-swaggering cedar days; i would like to think i’ve mellowed down– maybe overtly so in SMU.