i want!!

add23_330_r13i want this phone, the samsung sgh-f200. very badly.

and i want the PINK, and am very willing to part with money for it.

but samsung no longer produces it. the samsung official dealers no longer carry it.

i tried to buy it online on e-bay but the one that was available was sold. i am tres sad.

now friends are helping me scour brunei and indonesia to see if anywhere has it. 

will take a trip down to simlim & peoples’park to see if they have any from the 2nd hand dealers.

sigh, my futile 3 day search. will not give up. will not give up.

if anyone has a lead, please let me know. (email @ limeping@gmail.com)


becoming old

i am becoming old. it seems all i do all day is groan and moan about my mountain of to-dos and what nots.

business is business, c, suck it up.

8 am to 10 pm, everyday. chug chug chug. hai-ho. hai-ho.

what i would love to do, is to head down to the zoo with the chair and the b-i-l, otherwise known as the dinosaurs. :(

bronco gets messier and messier everytime i see him, tempted to snip off all his hair, again.

brewing a storm

this girl is not angsty. not now anyway. i am not angry with life, or depressed–merely a little tired, a little under the weather, a little bit too much on her plate.

last night, after working like a bullet to finally close the accounts for the month of March, the pea and i (and our favourite little brown bear, the IT whiz) rushed down to the airport to pick up a friend. we weren’t managing our time too well, so we didn’t quite manage to stand at the glass to wave as he arrived, neither did we manage to hold up the card that said simply “bad influence”, which is a new nickname we’ve given him due to some recent events.

we then drove him to run a VERY important errand.

got home past 3 am. this morning up at 8 am to get to a meeting, and the meeting lasted till 12 which left the tinkerbel and myself on the brink of tears (maybe from yawns). although i must say she got the worst bout of a “miserable day” than i did, because i got a little more sleep than she did, and she was feeling feverish.

the dogs are getting from bad to worse.

simba is limping because mango pushed him off (boy, when she says no she means no) when he was trying to get too amorous with her. his attention on her bottom has been going on for the last 2 weeks and he still hasn’t gotten the idea that she’s totally a no-go zone where she is concerned. i think she had enough.

bronco is still not really eating, somewhat turning vegetarian on his own accord. beef and lamb and australian brushtail (possum) and venison and chicken meat are all not turning him on. he sniffs, licks, takes a mouthful then walks off. instead he’s eating pears and carrots and enjoying his puppy milk. i dunno whether to laugh or cry. i’m under instruction by the vet to make sure he eats, so everyday is a battle with bronc. (more like bonkers)

bee bee is having sore eyes. we just have to give the antibiotic eye cream that she is supposed to be using sometime to work, but till then her eyes are crusty. already she has a sad puppy face (blame her father, she inherited his “poorthing” expression), now she looks even more sad.

dont get me wrong, i dont neglect my dogs. i brush their coats very frequently, i clean their ears, i check their paws, i wipe their faces, i pick out any ticks the frontline they are on don’t kill, i play with them, i cuddle them (sans beebee, because she’s really not very cuddle-able). i dunno what is wrong with them, and it is leaving me puzzled.

the huffleboy flies to meet the hufflepuff tonight, and i am so happy that both my girls have their boys about them. long distances sure do seem like they are in fashion these days, makes the reunions so much more romantic and sweet. very happy, wish the 6 of us could sit and have dinner together (it hasnt managed to happen yet).

i am okay. work’s piling, new projects to look into, old projects to look after. i’d be spending tomorrow at the warehouse, the whole day. this is not funny. but necessary.

i don’t have my safety shoes (with steel fronts) yet, but i promise to take care of my toes. reminder to self to bring my nasal spray for allegies, the warehouse is dusty.

my poor puppy


bronco is sick. he’s been throwing up from both ends and looking downright miserable. i woke up to a poop-ed up room this morning, and i found half-dried puke hanging from his sad puppy face this morning when i took him up to bed to cuddle.

by 2 pm the poorthing was hardly even moving, curling up on the floor mat. get this, he didnt even want to eat eggs. or bread. or have any water. or salmon. or chicken. or fish. not even bak kwa got his attention.

anyway, when the prefect got home she force-fed him soy milk which he was very unwilling (?! i know, he usually will jump thru hoops for soy milk) and they ended up being very angry at each other–the prefect and bronco.

by the time i got home from work, however he seemed slightly better, and according to ruby he ate a bit of chicken and egg. which is good.

i went into super-mummy panick mode at work thinking i’d come back to a lifeless puppy, but he seems better now. he had some soy milk for supper, willingly, so i’m glad.

if he doesnt get better tomorrow i’d have to hospitalise him. god knows how i’d get to sleep tomorrow boy. (i cant sleep without him, not the other way around)

my new resolution to wake by 8 and sleep by 11 is so not working considering that its 2.22am as i write this. i am tired, i am yawning, but i’m not falling asleep. the pea is over, but has gone to sleep like 2 hours ago and i am still here, hooting like an owl. hoot.

i’m trying to wean myself off a sleep-starter i’ve grown quite fond of because it gives such wonderfully delicious sleep but i feel my resolve slipping as i stare at this screen. ridiculous.

so much to do tomorrow. buggering poop.

i hope bronco gets well tomorrow. he’s so little.