dont roll on the puppy

last night the pea stayed up late to finish some work, and i went to bed just a little before he came back into the room. bronco decided to allow me his company last night and he pretty much went to sleep next to me. pix was unusually anti-social so she slept with her eeyore in her own bed.

so i wake up to a squeak and a shove, and realised that the pea squashed bronco some last night as he was tossing in his sleep. it was quite funny, the pea nonchalant and bronco sitting on my pillow staring at the pea wondering how he could get his spot back. so he (the dog) put his back to the pea’s side and decided to kick against me to see if he could move the pea back, but given that the dog is barely larger than the size of his (the pea) feet, it was frustrating for the pup.

anyway, bronco settled on my other side and was there this morning when i woke up. i love mornings like these where bronco allows cuddles and snuggles against me. then the pea woke up, with a smile on his face, all snoozy but cheerful and i wonder how i got so lucky with these two.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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