middle-of-the-night woes

Went to bed fairly early at 11.30 pm, a combination of 9-pm-prata-dinner sluggishness and an eye irritation.

Woke up in the middle of a bad dream, which is still vivid in my mind. Tomorrow I might forget it. But Right Now its etched in deep. Texted the friend I was with in the dream, to just check if everything’s ok, as part to comfort myself, as part as I believe dreams are intuitive extensions.

Bronco senses my distress and comes for a cuddle. The perfect sleep partner. Warm, loving and sticks right along the contours of your body. I love him in this mood. Pixie doesn’t cuddle. Peps isn’t warm enough. Salt doesn’t sleep with the rest of us.

Bronco, defender of dreams. Back to bed.


so last night concluded my last dinner out with my girls until after the wedding. (with the exception of my hen’s night)

too much ice-cream and real-women food later, i think its time i buckled down for the long haul this july. with the big honeymoon plans of being away for two weeks, that leaves me virtually no august.

the next few weeks will be spent finally closing our financial year (by July latest) as well as to settle into a proper plan for the wedding so i do not give my friends, zeke and rage any more hair-loss. need time, need space, need to focus.

and you know, i really wouldnt want it any other way. i love it. i love this responsibility of the company on me. i love this contigency planning. i love this crazy accounts (okay, now its obvious i’m trying to psycho myself)

remember my sanity in prayer. thanks!


44 days away

(photocredits: kenneth koh photography)

we are

44 days, 11 hours, 24 minutes, 26 seconds
until Saturday, 4 August 2012 (Singapore time)

so denn and i are still doing okay, and oddly enough, we both feel pretty far removed from the wedding stress. we’re both pretty laid back i guess, and a large part of it is really that i refuse (Repeat: Refuse) to sweat the small stuff. everything is going well. so we’re a little late with the cards… pish posh, i told denn, its fine la, as long as people who matter already know. we totally forgot about dieting and have put back on all our weight-loss over the past two months.  haiyaa, nevermind laa. we’re real people, not sticks.

we’re unable to fit all our friends and family at the wedding dinner. it’s fine la, we’re throwing a party of our own, which would solve the problem. we might not be able to hold so many people in the church. it’s fine. we’d find a way. that will be the least of the concerns, its only a good thing with an overflowing church.

denn and i have gone through nearly 3 months of pre-marriage counselling, one last session to go. i’d strongly recommend it. it is perhaps more poignant now, because dennis has just been baptised, and it is really our first Bible study together as a couple, and what better way to get the picture of marriage, than from the one who created it.

and you know, a few friends have asked, so will you say “submit” in your wedding vows? isn’t it archaic? isn’t it misogynistic?  well i guess, my reply is this. dont forget the next line. in its totality, it calls us to “submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord”. God doesn’t call for blind obedience to husband, and he has structured it such that it is certainly do-able. what is there to not submit if he is a God-fearing, God-loving man?  by far ladies, i think his instruction to “praise and honour”, is far harder than to ours. especially when we’re raging on those lady hormones.

i’m not worried about the wedding, because i’m secured in the knowledge that i’m marrying the right person. i’m not stressing over the small things because i am okay not having a perfect wedding, as long as i have the ever-after. denn is my closest friend, above all.

i’m excited.