S is for Stephanie and Samuel

Unofficial bridesmaid Speech

Stephanie and I went to school together in Cedar, and were in the same classes all 4 years of our time there.

I distinctively remember the first time I saw Stephanie. Those of us in the room who remember Stephanie on the cusp of womanhood would tell you, Stephanie was (and still is) very pretty. She looked like one of those really life-like porcelain dolls, in the cedar uniform. I was both intimidated and fascinated. That was, until I got to know her better. In those days (I love how we are now old enough to say “in those days”) there was this social platform for girls from a girls school to talk to boys. It was called mIRC. As I got to know her better, I realised she very aptly named herself. She was f/13 nicknamed siao Za bor.

Over the 16 years, Stephanie has been a very big part of my life. She has counselled me when I found myself at crossroads, she has comforted me when I was sad, she has been by my side through the torrents of teenage angst and break ups, celebrated milestones and achievements with me. Steph is always honest; and amongst the list of brutally honest things she has told me include “no. That dress makes you look fat” “stop talking, you talk too much” and “are you blind? that boy looks like a duck”.

Tonight is not about me. It’s about my friend Steph, and her new husband Sam.

They were classmates in JC and for the longest time, i was teasing Steph about this boy from catholic high who would take the bus home with her. She kept denying they were in a BGR. (Boy, the lingo we used!) She kept calling him a geek, and how there was nothing going on. This went on for months! Then suddenly, Over dinner, I was teasing Stephanie as usual about Sam, who was coming to meet her after dinner, and she suddenly blurted out. “Oh ya. Sam asked me to be his girlfriend.” So here I am getting excited, and thinking oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!! And then, she says “two weeks ago. I just wasn’t ready to talk about it yet”. Those of us who know Stephanie, knows she is the queen of the anti climax. The same way she tells us about this proposal. Steph tells us with a mouthful of sushi, totally nonchalant, “oh! Sam proposed.” “two weeks ago. I just wasn’t ready to talk about it yet”

We started asking questions about the ring (it was his grandmother’s), where he proposed (KL), what she wore (clothes la!!), how many years have they been dating (almost 12!) what dress she wanted (at this point, ladies and gentlemen, please let me add, doesn’t Sam’s blushing bride look spectacular?

Sam, Thank you, for all the patience, advice, care and compromises you have made for Stephanie. I know, as well as you do, Stephanie is not the easiest of all people to be with. But now, you hold in your hands, one of the most loving, loyal and faithful persons I know.

Here we stand, bearing witness to this gorgeous couple that God has brought together, in his perfect timing.






Photo credits: Miranda Zhang, Rachael Lim, Yew Jingxi


S is for Shanghai

Spent the weekend in Shanghai, and I have to admit, I liked it more than I expected to. I have never been one to really enjoy cities, and going to a mega city like Shanghai was rather daunting. D had a work engagement over the weekend, and I just went along to provide company. To be honest, I knew he would be busy and we’d be spending a lot of time in the hotel, so I took the chance to take a break from this work melee I’ve been going through. It’s been a stressful quarter.

Shanghai is female in my mind– Sultry Sexy Sinful ShangHai. It pulses with passion and sex. There’s something seedy about Shanghai, that I cannot quite explain; that undercurrent of lust and seduction. If I had to picture her. She’ll be dressed in a cheongsam, lips painted, hair perfectly coiffed, and a cigarette balanced delicately and deliberately in her perfectly manicured hands.


Caught up with an old friend– it was like the years we spent apart never happened. We shared secrets and laughter; there’s an old familiar comfort of meeting an old connection that was never really lost.



She brought us to this old-school gentle men’s club with wall to wall whiskey shelves and leather backed chairs; much like a movie set from the past. Dimly lit, low murmured conversations, I loved it.




Food in Shanghai was out of this world: close enough in taste to our local palette, fast paced servings, photo-menus for the language-impaired.









Made a new friend in D’s colleague, and we went to a beautiful ancient water town an hour out from the city.





It was a good break, despite the bad timing; and I got to spend some time with my favourite person. We even did period dress up!



I totally dig this look