hello eternity.


Some say life is just a series of decisions, we make choices, we live and learn.

Now I’m standing at a crossroad and I must choose which way to turn.

Down the one road lies all the world can offer, all its power, its wealth and fame.

Down the other just a man with nail-scars in His hands.

But there is mercy in His eyes and there is power in His Name.


I choose Jesus, I choose Jesus!

Without a solitary doubt I choose Jesus!

Not for miracles, but for loving me.

Not for Bethlehem, but for Calvary.

Not for a day but for eternity,

I choose Jesus!


All my life I sailed the sea of reason, I was captain of my soul.

There was no need for a savior, I could live life on my own.

Then I heard Him speak the language of compassion, words of healing for broken lives.

When we nailed Him to the tree, His love included me.

Now He’s called me to follow, and to leave the past behind.

when i was younger, there was a musical in my church. i think my sister was involved, because this song plays in my head this morning. i am not sure if my church youths still sing it today. (Maybe that’s how i remember it?) and i can’t place it. i had to search the words “not for a day but for eternity” to find it. it a song called “i choose Jesus”; and i think it is such a precious reminder.


michael cruz has a such a beautiful voice:

i choose jesus/i have decided to follow jesus:


Hello world travellers! Be safe!


When we were preparing to get married, Denn and I attended pre-wedding counseling; and one of the things our counselors cautioned us, was to always take time for your spouse. Do not forget your spouse even in the hustle and bustle which is life, or children. Because you take vows to your spouse, not your children, and when the children have grown and flown the coop, there leaves an empty nest. Do not forget your spouse in your everyday, lest you can’t recognize the other face left in the empty house.

My parents are leaving town for a week. I think this is the longest (in my memory) that they have travelled together without any one of us going along, or meeting up with them halfway. A week seems like a turnaround trip for most of us, but the truth is, when you having a family business to run, it is almost scary, to be away for so long. Especially when you are handling operations.

In my heart, I am glad. Glad that they have each other. Glad that they are taking time to find romance even at their age. Dad can’t hear very well, mum can’t see very well. Dad refuses to walk for long (bad knee), mum refuses to eat most food (hygiene issues). So this will surely be an adventure in patience and love. I love their loving ways—their crazy addiction to candy crush, their willingness to travel endless miles for food, their “secret” language that no one else in the house understands (malay) when they have a secret. The way dad holds mum’s hand when they cross the street. The way mum makes sure dad has company for dinner when she needs to go out or work late.

Mum & Dad, you were made for each other. Like it or not, in good times or bad times.

Here’s a bible verse, to tide you guys through the trip:

Ephesians 4:1-3
Therefore I, a prisoner for serving the Lord, beg you to lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God. Always be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love. Make every effort to keep yourselves united in the Spirit, binding yourselves together with peace.

Mum, two drops of lemon & two drops of thieves daily. Double dose if you feel sick.

Dad, 2 rules.
1) mum is always right.
2) If mum is wrong, refer to rule no. 1.

Be safe, be alert and take care of each other.

Hello Mr Sun; go away pls!

What’s up with the heat??! I am sitting in the car, blasting the aircon on full; and still I feel the sweat rolling down my back and my skin burning.

This muggy heat is really unbearable and it’s already nearly 4 pm; I feel so insanely sorry for the construction workers by the side of the road working with hot tar. I really really hope their employers cut them a little break because of the heat. they’re gonna get sun stroke or sun poisoning! My poor shop girls having to walk out in this sweltering heat. I hope kind souls give them a lift. :(

Thankful today that I have the comforts of a car. Thankful for greenery that cool the area somewhat. Thankful for peppermint oil to keep the heat headache at bay and most of all, thankful for a break in the day to think about the less fortunate.

Hello sunrise

Been trying to cultivate better sleeping habits, because my goal is to eventually wake up automatically at 7, even on weekends.

1) There is just so much more accomplished in the day waking up with time to spare, not rush around like a crazy person.

2) a fixed sleeping pattern gives you a more productive day and a calmer disposition

3) discipline

4) it’s the natural way we were meant to sleep and rise; wake at dawn, sleep at nightfall. Well I guess I am supposed to sleep a whole lot earlier. When I was in JC I remember going to bed at 9, nightly.

5) early risers are supposed to make for better thinkers. Since I fell for google nose and was sniffing at the computer screen like a loon, and because recently I’ve been getting tricked and mocked (glares at Denn); I think maybe there is some truth about a certain level of brain degeneration when you stay home too much. Work has been busy; physically. Maybe I need more brain work.

6) the quiet morning hours leave time for devotion and getting my mind in order

But.. The mind is willing and this flesh is very weak.

Have no problem waking up; but tons of trouble forcing myself to go to bed at 11! Even 10 when I can manage it.

I’d hardly get to see Denn this way since he keeps such awful hours. You think he’d get the hint if I just stared at his sleeping face till he wakes up when his alarm rings? But not his fault also la; and nothing he can do about it. Half the time we eat dinner together, dinner starts at 9 or 10.

It means having to give up a certain type of social life, like dinners with friends which end late. It’s not like I even go out very much anyway. We have a family friend that ends all social activity at 9 pm; wedding dinner, birthday dinner etc. he is a very prominent business leader; and everyone respects that if they want to invite him to dinner, he leaves by 9. And I give him alot of respect for that self- discipline.

What am I whining about really, when alot of people start the day at 5 am?


hello pina colada

when denn and i first met, he was rather drunk and rather obstinate in his belief that global warming was a myth. i did not quite like him. anyone who has ever gotten themselves engaged in a debate with denn knows that he has a memory like a computer. he remembers everything he reads. and can harness said knowledge at will, and boy he will. like a machine gun.

anyway, i was reading through old blog entries and found my first ever post mentioning him and our road to friendship; whirlwind to romance and finally steady climb to marriage.

we met somewhere in july 2007. i used to call him the pina colada.

i have lost alot of the photos, but maybe friends who have been around since then can send them to me. twotillforever, always fondly remembered.


this is what he looked like when we first met. (around this time la)



our first date, at ah zhangs:



meeting his friends at andre’s party:


our first trip overseas together, to genting :(

i’m glad we have the rest of our lives together, pina colada.

and really. i’ve asked since sept 2007 when i found out you have a performance diploma. when will you play this in full for me in all seriousness?




hello flabby, say i to my reflection


in the past 2 weeks, at least 6 different people have asked me, with various degrees of subtlety, if i had a bun cooking in the oven.

“no, not yet”, i say to them. “i’m just getting fat la”.



i guess i grew up a scrawny kid. all limbs, and really, flat as a board, front and back. high metabolism; and my friends will attest that i really can eat.  i have a really long upper body, which is good and bad when fitting clothes.  but i never really had a body esteem issue; save only to constantly ask God when he would be sending me boobs and a butt. i mean he gave them to my older sis, skipped me and was very generous to the younger sis. i was quite happy putting on weight for the wedding because extra weight meant i had a semblence of a figure.

somewhere along the lines of poor eating habits and really-hectic- forget-to-eat workdays, my metabolism slowed to the point where my doctor worries about me having an eating disorder. due to some chemical presence in my bloodstream, which is found in starvation victims. i dunno what it is, and really the medical terms escape me. so basically i eat so infrequently that my body stores food, for fear of starvation. see, up to maybe 2 weeks ago, i never really realised i was only eating one meal a day (dinner), much less see what’s wrong with that. i dont have an eating disorder. i have disorder eating. haha.

my sisters are the same. we’ve all never quite eaten at proper meal times. just look for food when you’re hungry. unless dad was around. or when we were around dad. dad eats three square meals a day. and fruits inbetween if he’s hungry. the rest of us eat whenever. i just didnt realise whenever was erm.. once a day. i just didnt get hungry/ forgot to eat. seriously!

so i’ve put on 8 kgs since my wedding. and i wasnt even dieting prior to the wedding. and since the wedding i stopped going for yoga.

my clothes dont fit. my face got rounder. my short dresses became skanky because it now rodes up my hips. (i have hips!)

and now this stupid conundrum: i have to eat more to lose weight. my metabolism is now depressingly low, somewhat in hibernation mode, according to the doctor who tries to explain this in terms i would understand.

crap. now what!?

the younger sis says she’ll work out a work-out programme for us. i said: no running, or weights. she says okay and will look for something near home.


hello chanel perfection lumiere.

i have never been one of those girls who used tint on my face. thankfully, growing up i have been rather pimple-free, even during those awful adolescent ages. i guess God was kind, and he has to be fair, since he  gave me super sensitive eczema prone skin on the face,  he was kind to go easy on the pimples.

dont get me wrong. i take care of my skin. my ex boyf’s mother is one of the leading facial therapist trainers in this part of the world and their family used to run one of the most pretigious spas in Singapore. i have taken away alot from that relationship, and one of that was to take care of my skin. AND that products work. good products cost much, but you get what you pay for. but make up? now that i did not learn.

i’ve never been a fan of foundations, liquid or cake; much less those puff balls of powder (i dunno what they are to date) and quite honestly, up to my wedding photoshoots, didnt know much about much. it was always mascara + blusher on dry face if i had a presentation. until my wedding make up.. which left me somewhat worried.. since we had a make up artist come in to help me get my face in shape for (1) video shoot, (2) outdoor casual shoot, (3) outdoor formal shoot. then we had the packaged-with wedding-dress photo shoot : (4) studio + outdoor photoshoot, then the wedding (5) morning + church (6) 4th aug dinner (7) 5th aug dinner (8) 9th aug lunch. boy that was alot of make up. for someone who never owned a any-state foundation, this was rather overwhelming. and during the test make up, my best friend, hufflepuff realised how much i was freaking out over the fact that i was going to break out from this gunky pallette of make up that was dunno-how-old that the make up artist was using, dragged me off to go for my first make up class at one of the fancy make up counters where they teach you how to use make up if you buy their stuff.

enter the chanel perfection lumiere. i have awfully sensitive skin, and despite the heavy-lading of make up over the wedding period, i am glad to say, i did not break out: and i had perfectly dewy skin all through the festivities. the best thing ever. so i actually bought my own set of make up for the make up artist to use. then if i needed to touch up i did it myself! right down to my falsies, lipstick etc. call me spoilt if you want. i liked knowing if anything screwed up i could fix it myself with all the tools in hand.

yeah, everyone says, who needs perfect skin when you have photoshop! true; but i smirk in the knowledge that my skin behaved very well the day of the photoshoot- did not need photoshop for my face!


make up

anyway, so this leads me to the next point. i feel like since then my make-up regime has been forgotten. nowadays i only make up for formal occassions but you know, make up is one of those things that needs practice. so i’ve been looking at images online to try and inspire me to put in effort.

these are abit dramatic la.. and i tend to favour the naturally healthy look (enhanced with make up of course); but i’d love to be able to carry these off:

make up 2

make up 3

make up 4

wedding band

images are all from pinterest. i really dunno how to credit the pictures cos i dunno where pinterest images start and end.