something crazy this way comes

so finally the wife, twinkletoes, Eiffel and i managed to get down to serious work. :) will let the peektures speak for themselves.


PS: its 5.35am and i just got home from the establishment


cardomum loving

so most of the panic has passed, with the real bane of the sem yet to come on friday–oh well. :)

for now, i am sitting in my lovely pink room, about to start an episode of brothers & sisters, and thinking about the crazy few days that went by.

had lunch with twinkletoes and the wife, in my favouritest place in little india–(its gonna be a regular thing girls, with the Eiffel, we will go back, yes we will)–and the mother came to join us, after which we went on my much awaited spice hunt. the girls found it funny that i said i was going to play with mummy which i did.

green_cardamom.jpgso mum and i went along our very merry way, and spent a grand total of 5.5 hours in little india, we did not get ourselves lost thank you very much, and instead we had a ball of a time (which is rare) smelling, touching, laughing, seeing. man– i finally bought my spices for my spiced sachet– which some of you will be lucky to receive if i actually make em. heehee, i cant wait for these wretched days to just pass on by. oh well oh well-oh.

we went into this fragrance/aroma therapy image122.jpgshop–and there were all these amazing little egyptian perfume bottles, and the mother bought me one, and herself one. i am thinking of starting a collection–i am that in love with the delicate little things–that’s mine on the right, i reminded me of a little girl, in a tutu. :) and i got my own scent mixed, it smells of lemon grass and bay leaves, with cardomum, which twinkletoes and pina colada will attest my love for the smell of the little buggers. i like the scent he mixed just for me, based on my preferences of course. all herb-y and none of that sweet-baby-doll girly-ness about it. the guy mixing it (hurhur) said something about the oriental exotic spice smell. i like.

bringing twinkletoes and wife there next week. in case we forget the address, or how to go here it is [its called Jamal Kazura Aromatics, 137 Dunlop Street]; bye bye mr ralph, hello essential oils.

mum and i bought essential oils for the house as well.

and then there were all these lovely saris, and punjabi suits. (oh twinkle, i am of the wrong race!). bought bangles (again) and more bangles ( i am a bangle-sucker). Z, when is my bangle shipment coming in?


its okay, isnt it?


in the secret,  in this quiet,

i miss you.


do you think of me sometimes, when you see something ridiculously pink?

do you think of me sometimes, when you watch the shows we used to watch?

do you think of me sometimes, at all?



i havent thought about missing you in a while.

and i’ve been slowly finding the broken bits that i lost along the way.

i’m okay.


it hasnt hit me in a while, i’ve been so caught up in this whirlwind

agency theory, internet service provider liability, atomic mass, testing assertions

park nights, jelly hearts, hanging out at benches, long drives

today it felt a little good to just have a cry.


i’m okay.

i miss you.

but i doubt you miss me back.

and it’s okay.




private practice rocks my socks

so i’m sitting here with the hufflepuff, having only read 3 pages of my PDF the WHOLE DAY, thinking about the amazing private practice episode i watched last night. hur. :) sam feelgood looks pretty damn good doesnt he? and pete. oh my dont get me started on pete. i cant decide if i like the boys from grey’s or private practice better. mc dreamy & mc steamy v pete & sam. hmmm.

as you can tell. i am feeling frivolous. and this has gotta be the worst time in the world to be doing this. i have been having amazing hour-long breakfasts with a 2 hour nap ensuing. i have had a manicure and a pedicure. i have gone for an amazing dance performance by twinkletoes. i have re-watched the secret. i have gone to get my sticky hands on jellyhearts (sorry tien, they didnt have enough for another box for you). i have taken 3 hour naps just because.

did i mention, its study week and study seems to be the last thing i am doing? oh flying per-tuties.

the nano is sitting pretty at home–they delivered it today. WATCH THIS SPACE for its first picture! the stupid sisters have their leopard already. whoot. :) i’ll put it in one this storm passes. then all of you can be squirming in jealously. hehe.

kisses to all, sorry for the slow updates. show some comments-love. let me know who you are, and why you’re here!