dont let love grow mouldy

the pea and i have unapologetically cleared our social schedule so we can have a quiet night in, for him to play his star craft 2 and for me to catch up on some reading (the latest in death book is out– but that’s another post for another time)

but (get this) my parents insist that we are NOT to stay home tonight because we are growing mouldy and insist we have to go out on a date. so after fighting a losing battle, the pea and i, albeit sulkily, decide that we shall go to the night safari for a walk.

ok, so its more my idea than it was his, because his idea of a date was to go to ikea to buy some compartment for his drawers. o_O that didn’t pass my mother’s standards of a date so he has to shelf it.

so, after i did a little research online, we decide we are going to take their suggested itenerary 1 and here is a breakdown how our date is going to go:

7.00pm  Arrive at Night Safari and be entertained by exhilarating Thumbuakar tribal performances

7.15 – 7.45pm  Catch the cats in action on the Fishing Cat Trail

7.45 – 8.15pm  Walk through a primary rainforest at the Forest Giant’s Trail

8.30 – 9.00pm  Creatures of the Night Show at the amphitheatre

9.00 – 9.20pm  Tram journey across 8 geographical regions starting with: Himalayan Foothills, Nepalese River Valley and Indian Subcontinent

9.20 – 9.45pm  Stop at East Lodge and embark on the Leopard Trail

9.45 – 10.15pm  Hop back onto the tram and travel through Equatorial Africa, Indo Malayan Region, Asian Riverine Forest, South American Pampas and the Burmese Hillside

10.15 – 10.30pm  Stop by Night Safari’s retail outlets for a souvenir
and get this, my MOTHER says i have to go and make up. for the night safari. gee whiz.
 i guess we’ll be taking some pictures so stay tuned!

dont stop dreaming

we hit a massive milestone here with the company, and one i am thankful for. as we close off our financial year, i am thankful and feel incredibly blessed, for the experiences that it has thrown my way. i dunno if we’d be doing the same thing the next year, how the tender is going to go or who’s going to join us. hell, i don’t even know if there would still be the company this time next year.

but for now, i am grateful, and will probably be for the rest of my life (okay, maybe not at some points) but eventually, that this is the path i chose.

i wear an engraved jeanine payer ring, that reads “the experience of this sweet life”.

truly. and i never want to forget.

don’t blow away your nose

i have finally succummed to the wretched bug going around.

its bloody miserable, feeling so lousy yet having to ignore the buzzing (now more like pounding) at the back of your head because there’s just so much to do.

the weekends have been even more exhausting than the weeks the past month. and i think i am now, finally screaming for all the activities to end. from mob manning exercises to wedding dinners to social dinners to family events. omg. next weekend isnt any better either because the pea and i are going to take family photos with his family at some studio to commemerate his graduation. followed by a crush of other events already pre-planned.

needs a holiday :(

dont wear heels in new york

the photo features Ms Rachel Nguyen of That’s Chic ( i love the different looks she comes up with on her blog– and i think she’s got a damn pretty face.

anyway, the point of this post, is really about me and my god-awful fashion sense. see, what brought upon this sense of self-awareness (to put it mildly) is because today the pea and i decided to take the morning easy and sleep in a little because its been a rough weekend and we’ve both been feeling peaky (and like come on, his work as a lawyer doesnt quite allow him to sleep in very much more). but you know how my schedule gets– i think my day is generally free then then it explodes (this morning at 7.30 my staff called in sick, then at 8 am, an unknown number who hung up, 8.45 am an officer for a random favour, then 9 am, (the blessed 9 am call) of my accountant who in very few words, blew my week’s plan to shreds because i need to put together some MORE files for her.

anyway, being sleepy and waiting for my tea, i decide to spend some time looking at the profiles of some of my childhood friends and hello, i spy the profile of a younger sister of a friend (she’s maybe 8 yrs younger) and let me tell you, i felt rather ashamed at my usual threadless shirt & 3 quarter pants & onizukas look that i seem to be sporting every day.

dont get me wrong, i love fashion, i really do. i just cant bring myself to be bothered. i wonder if it is left-over from those cedar days of overall bo-chup ness where we would go out in our house t-shirt and fbt shorts (but it can’t be– see jingxi’s shoe collection!). i mean the truth is, i have tons of clothes, but nothing to wear. you know what i mean. and all the mixing and matching and the accessorising. omg. it makes my eyes tear up just thinking about it.

would you believe i actually hate, no Hate (with the capital H) shopping for shoes. i Hate it. i really do. i dont enjoy wearing heels (the huffle says its cos i dont inately have a sense of balance), and i certainly don’t enjoy looking at these evil contraptions. the best i’ve give you are perhaps kitty heels or wedges (low).

and i went to new york twice in the last year and i spent a combined 1.5 months roaming the streets with some jingle in my pocket because i didnt have to pay for lodging (having a boyf doing his masters in NYC with his own apartment right next to greenwich village  rocks) and i could find much to buy apart from basic shirts (ehhem) from uniqlo and tons of treadless online supersales t-shirts (ehhhemmm). when tyler and cais were around in the states (and trust me, those two can shop. the. whole. day. x 365 days) they bought tons of clothes, like tons. and i bought maybe 3 significant pieces? the rest were basics.

i do wish, i wish i wish i wish, that some miracle would hit me– the fashion bubble, perhaps and i would stop dressing like an hougang aunty. (my nagging brain inserts: haiyaaaa i am only going to camp whaaatt, and i work from home, who’s going to see my clothes..) case in point, at the point of writing, i am in my pyjamas.

i mean how come? how do they do it? wake up at 6 in the morning, choose clothes and make up and blow hair and choose shoes and match bag and find the accessories to go with it?! how is it done? dont even get me started on the face-cleansing routine. cleanse, tone, essense, lotion. (somewhere in the middle there’s softener, eye-brighter, fine lines reducer, spf…).

how do you guys do it??

not to mention all this f-ing weight i’ve put on because the boyf is back and since our only common interest is food, we eat and eat. two days ago, my helper giggled when she saw me watching tv in the living room with only my sports bra on, and told me when she was a month pregant, her tummy was still smaller than mine. my dad lovingly calls me shishamo. let me digress a little. i love my sports bras. i do. i’ve gotten into tons of fights with mum growing up (“sports bras make you flat” “they squish ur boobs down” ..) till now (“see la! who ask you to wear sports bras! now you got mosquito bites only” “have you seen mariann’s PAOs– because she listen to me and dont wear sports bras).. but how do you wear sports bras and dress up!

its times like these that i wish i were a boy. (and remind myself, sadly, of the little reminder Rachel Nguyen (the girl on in the picture) left on her blog a long while ago: flat is the new beautiful.)

oh, you'd be so gorgeous

more bridesmaid dresses.

oh you guys will be so beautiful, right? i still havent decided the colours, or whether we should do same fabric different styles, or different fabric different styles different shades of the same colour, or totally different colours same style, or… so many permutations.

(there’s four of you by the way: Sooli, Steph, Ann & Charmaine)

 from Impressions bridal (

 from Impressions bridal (

(dont remember where i got this picture, i had it saved in my files forever)

from val stefani (

cant trace the image

dresses by Jcrew & BCX; photography bybkb photo (

Bridesmaid Looks: Nicole Miller, New York, NY
Photo By: Katie Moos Photography, Camarillo

Bridesmaid Looks: David’s Bridal
Photo By: Clark + Walker Studio, Troy, NY

Photo By: Michael Branscom Photography, Philadelphia

small intimate affaires.

see, recently the pea and i have been arguing a fair bit of how big (or small) our wedding should be. i am leaning towards a small wedding affair, so that i can handmake all the details and let everyone leave with something made from the heart, not a corporate gift mass produced. the reason for the lack of updates is not so much that i have been busy, but really as i look at more and more wedding blogs, i panic about having to fit all those ideas into one day– and worse, the pea wants to have it big & ballroom scale. see, panic rising. the princess is so not a people person.

i am leaning towards the small and intimate.

so here is a beautiful wedding, note how many guests she has at the ceremony.

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