where do macs go and die

i am ready to give up on my macbook, seriously.

after i spent a ton of money and i mean a ton sending it in for servicing because the harddisk crashed just months ago, now, it seems the damn battery is fried, again. it’s not the bloody first time, and i had just about enough of this.

this macbook was from the first generation, got it nearly 2 yrs back already. the pea says that’s about the life of a laptop, any laptop. but i am very very upset because hell, this is ridiculous.

i’ve spent, alot of money and i mean alot of money on this thing. buggers to me, seriously irritated. 

and now the battery symbol with a little cross in the middle mocks me, even as i am about to sleep.

i’ve done all i could for this mac, it’s gotta go, enough is enough.

qn: what do i do with a dying mac.. is it re-sellable?

looked around the website, man, macbook air looks like hotstuff. or shall i just go back to windows.. but i am truly a mac girl at heart, i really dont think i could..


do dogs go to heaven?

i would like to think so, but animals don’t have souls do they? 

that is the beauty of being human, and the eternal goodbye when animals die.

but in the place where lion sleeps next to lambs, i do hope, oh i do hope.

Cooper and i had a special bond, he used to sleep on me (and sleep on me 2)when i watched television downstairs as a puppy. perhaps it was the rhythm of my heart’s beating (he came from a huge litter and was the first to leave) and sometimes i’d fall asleep too, and this was how afternoons were spent. even when he got too big to fit on my lap, he was one of those few cuddle puppies that trusted you enough to snore on your chest. mum has lovingly immortalised this bond in a painting, which she promises to give me when i move out on my own, or when its less painful to see pictures of the puppy.

click the link :sleep on me: :sleep on me 2: