sam and elaine

My friend Sam got himself married yesterday; twas a lovely affair, a heartfelt, warm and loving affair; and I am very glad I had the chance to be there, joyfully tearful in the midst of them.

His Best Friend of many many years gave a wonderful speech, sharing with us what a blessing Sam has been to Zeke; and it made me sit and think, how much Sam has given me, all these years. What would I have said, if I had to give the speech about Sam?

Sam is the one of the best person I know. We haven’t seen each other in close to 6 months, and we don’t talk very often, but I know, surely, Sam has got my back. He replies every sms sent out, even if a few days late because he is in who-knows-where racing his bike or another marathon or another biathlon, or another triathlon or another megatron-athon.

Despite how busy we both are, and no matter how long we haven’t spoken to each other for, Sam is never far—always, in my heart– a close friend. One of my closest friends, my inner circle. Sam and I were JC classmates; and we started hanging out almost immediately—he copied my tutorials; and sat next to me in literature class so that I would answer the questions for him, about books he never even read. We shared a locker—he left the locker in a mess of falling books, kept a red man-thong in the corner (it was given to him as a gift, he was too embarrassed to bring it home), used up all my shampoo and left his sweaty PE shirts in there overnight. Sam climbs walls and goes for sea expeditions on canoes (how is that fun?), enjoying the physical rigours of being the vice president of Odac.  I was the president of the Visual Arts club—fine arts, not OHP—painting, comic drawing, soap carvings. Can we be more different, my friend Sam and I?

That said, Sam ran my 2.4 km with me—immediately after he ran his own. He cajoled and teased and threatened and finally resorted to dragging me through the ordeal. He carried my bag when he knew I was exhausted, he searched for hours for my beaded ring that I was always leaving around and then getting upset it was lost, he saw me through my many break-ups with my ex boyfriend—being my fervent supporter when we broke up, and my biggest cheerleader when we got back together. He never judged, never objected, never gave up. He patiently talked me through my tears.

Sam is the perfect gentleman—he was one of three guys in a classroom full of 18 emotionally unstable girls. What a shock it must have been for him, who came from an all-guys school his entire life up till then. He suddenly had to carry files, move tables and chairs, clean whiteboards after every lesson of every day, deal with temper tears, happy tears, heartbroken tears, song-induced tears, literature-induced tears, poor-grades tears, silent tears and even i-dunno-why tears. He supplied copious amounts of tissues, listened to endless gripes about girl issues (I think he had heard enough to last a lifetime), and sat waiting, poor boy, for one or all of us as we ran into the bathroom.

We sat together for every class and lecture (except during geography – sam refused to study geography; and economics – I refused to study economics); we ate all our breaks together with the rest of our clique; we hung out after school with our clique, we smsed at night. Despite the fact that I went to school maybe 4  time a week, Sam never dropped me like it’s hot—I wonder who he sat with when I wasn’t around. It has never occurred to me, until now. The start of the second year of our Pre-University days was a time I’d always remember. Because of some rumour of unknown origin, Sam decided that we were too “close” and he needed some space from our friendship. I sms-ed him to death about it, without being able to understand why I suddenly lost my closest friend in school. He took to hiding out in darkened corners of our school to avoid my “why why whys” and it took me a couple of days to take the hint. Boy, those were strange days. Thankfully we were back to normal after the longest two months of my life. And just to make sure I still get to hang out with my friend Sam after he gets married, for the record—Elaine, Sam and I never had anything going. In fact, Sam never had anything going with anyone before he met you—it was really as if he was saving himself just for you.

If I had to give an adjective to best describe him, and I was only given ONE word to encompass it all, I would say Sam is Steadfast. Sam is Steadfast, with a Capital S.

Sam and Elaine’s journey has just begun—and I am so glad, truly, from the bottom of my heart—that they managed to find each other—and how suited they are for each other! From the common interests in outdoor adventure stuff, to their personalities—Elaine and Sam are such a well matched duo. This is the “best friends wedding”—how wonderful, how wonderful to be marrying your best friend. I echo Zeke, the best man— Sam and Elaine, Live Happy; Honour God.

Thank you, for being a part of my life, my friend, Sam. And thank you, for being the perfect woman for him, Elaine.

To many many years of friendship with the both of you, this is my toast, from a grateful friend.

(all these pictures are taken off the couple’s facebook page; none of the photos credit mine)


belated birthdays

2012 has come, and since the year end was a blur of furious activities and festivities, i stand charged, again, late in my updates. bear with me friends. i have yet to write my end of year post, because i lack a certain pensiveness. there simply isnt time to let my emotions run into pensive these days. its been a mad rush, truly. Mad with a capital M.

anyway, the hufflepuff and i celebrated both our birthdays together this year. hers in in Nov, mine in Dec. lucky for us, both our birthdays were on weekends– so we managed to find time to go for respective staycations, planned by the other of us and our respective boyfriends.

the huffle is rather particular about pictures floating about in cyberspace — we have both been unfortunate victims of the stupid SGGIRLS website where other (malicious) people rip photos off our friendster  accounts and post it on this rather salacious website. so, the pictures are not available on facebook– but i will post some of them here!

hufflepuff’s epic birthday weekend!

our room at the fort canning hotel.

it was a lovely room, perfect for a couple’s sexy getaway– a bit difficult for 4 people, who are not in open relationships. open concept bath tubs, frosted glass panes for shower and toilet. eeks. we spent alot of time in the patio, especially when others were taking baths.

pretty huh? we spent such a lovely afternoon under that little day bed (me mostly.. cos that was my designated seat).

we arrived somewhat later than expected (in usual Denn fashion) from a wedding lunch. Denn set up his laptop to work, the huffleboy was in the midst of his exams, so the hufflepuff and i hit the pool (lounging, not swimming) and then proceeded back to soak in our bubble bath.

we were just very determined to use the open concept bathtub, because well, we were paying for it (well, the huffleboy actually paid for it, but you know what i mean). the boys thought it funny that we just managed to fit in there– you cant see it well in this photo, but we were actually rather squished knee-to-knee. the huffleboy dropped peanuts into our bath when we asked for peanuts in the tub– i guess we weren’t specific enough.

the huffleboy and i were the firsts to be ready for dinner. the hufflepuff was still doing her make up, and denn, well.. denn is just slow.

the princess is finally ready to go.

dinner @ gattopardo was great, more for the company than anything else.

back to the room for the birthday cupcakes.

:) entertainment for the rest of the night, was munchkins, where i got my ass whooped by all 3 of them.

that’s my “play to win play to win!” face. not too pleased about being tag-teamed monster bombed.

needed GEP intervention in the end. le sigh.

played till we got hungry, yay for 24 hr conveniences.

in the lift on the way back from NTUC. a bit tension cos they were discussing the logistics of all 4 of us squeezing on a king size bed– this picture is here so i can just add in, the hufflepuff and i are so thankful our boyfs get along. they meet up  without us sometimes.

no pictures of the night squeeze here, its too urm, sardine-y to share.

who’s a happy shiny morning person??

c’s surprise birthday weekend!

another weekend staycation! views from our room! guess where we stayed?

the pan-pacific! :))

everyone gets a kick out of the glass lift, except poor old me, who is scared of heights.

complimentary food, coffee, tea and drinks throughout the day @ the executive floor!

forgot to pack make up, oh well..

dinner at my favourite japanese restaurant, keyaki:

attending sake lecture..

one of the reasons why i absolutely love keyaki, is because it is set in a japanese garden (of sorts). they have a little pavilion outside amidst plants (of japanese variety) and lanterns. a full-of-koi pond, and stepping stones. excellent service by waitstaff. when they heard it was my birthday, they gifted us with cake, fruits and ice-cream (everyone loves matcha ice-cream. but for me what is a japanese dinner without lime sherbet??) and even made special arrangements for me to have mine with dango! oh i like, i like, umm ummm ummmm!


back to the room for spectacular views and movie night.

what wonderful memories the 4 of us will have together. how blessed we are with their friendship!

long post huh, one more picture for the road..


the boys surreptitiously took a picture of where denn would propose in 2 weeks!