why the whole family was awake at 5.

pixie had a second litter of puppies. it was a whole hushed up affair because (1) we didnt know she was preggers until last week (2) our open broadcast on arrival of puppies the last round of puppies (peps and salt), resulted in alot of frustrated friends who didnt manage to get one (limited stocks, and we kept them both!)

so this round, we wanted to keep it quiet, since the pups were already promised to a certain someone someones. unfortunately, because we didnt know when the mating happened, we couldn’t guesstimate the due date accurately, and pixie exhibited all signs of being ready for labour (lactating, nesting, temp drop, etc..) we had to c-sec her because (same old story) she was too small, puppies heads too big. the 3 puppies did not make it. one was a stillborn, one faded at 11 pm last night and the last faded at 5 am this morning. they were about 5 days premature. considering the full gestation is 63 days, everyday counts. preemie puppies dont stand a very high chance, and to be fair, they definitely looked under developed.

pixie is fine, completely unaffected and just happy to be home. she (same old story) had rejected the puppies from the start. we have no pictures, because our wonderful wonderful vet explained to us that he did not expect survival rates to be high from the very start. the little sister stayed with them the whole night, and kept them as warm as she could, tube feeding them.

we’re all sad, but its okay.