T is for true.

2017 didn’t go the way I had planned. This year wrung me out, a little too sharply, a little too dry — I wonder if the metaphorical (and literal) wrinkles would ever smoothen out.

The best thing this year has to be having G. People always ask “what’s G like?” And I always reply “ah, he is an angel baby.” He is sweet and smiley, plays by himself and quietly watches what is going on around him. He is unfazed by sudden noises and unafraid of his boisterous and overenthusiastic Sister. Everything about him is lovely – I am biased.

E has grown significantly this year: she chatters and sings, plays the bongo, (toy) trumpet, (toy) keyboard, put up her first ballet recital (and actually did the full dance!), and started school. She still hasn’t figured out how to ride the skate scooter, or the balance bike – but we’ll get there soon enough! This kid is the embodiment of the best of me and D – sometimes I marvel with warm tears welling up behind my eyes at what an amazing creature we birthed!

The rest of 2017 however, has been some kind of huge trial – vexatious, anxiety-inducing, and grating to the soul. Work-wise, relationships-wise, life-wise. 2017 took, with its claws, my beautiful Bronco. Ah, that one hurt.

I trust God places trials in our path, so that in our darkness, we learn to trust in his unwavering light at the end of the tunnel. That God will sustain us.

So I plod on. I’m tired, but I plod on. Because I know all this needed to happen – and I am meant to learn something more about me, D, my family, my team, my friends. Those that stayed, those that helped, those that hauled me along those month-ends and kept me going. Grateful.

Done, 2017. Done.


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my world, out of your reach

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