she wore flowers in her hair

i believe these, according to zac, my stylist, are called ringlets.

am back in the curls.


life’s choices

today was an odd day: not good, not bad, a little odd. my highlight would really just be spending time with tinkerbel, just being girls- not collegues, just friends who i can share all my dirty little secrets and the much-missing laughter with.

met others after that and realised how truly small this world is. and at the end of the day i am left wondering if i’ve made different choices afterall. maybe if i was less involved with boyfriends, or with the cliques i was with, or if i bothered to make more friends outside the ones i held dear, maybe if i was in general less wrapped up with myself and my issues, or were less neurotic, who knows what would have been.

i dont know, but it certainly is too late now.

a little late night emo-ness when my day starts early tomorrow never quite comes at a good time.

on hindsight: there are many words i would have taken back given the choice.

growing up pains. i’ll be ok.


christmas in the air

anyone who knows me, totally knows how much i love christmas. Love, with a capital L and a capital OVE that follows. LOVE. loves christmas. 

i’ve been waiting for this coming christmas, well, since last christmas.

in fact, despite it being only the 2nd of Nov, i’ve already loaded the car with the christmas cds.

this year for christmas, *ooh, the word sends tingles to my toes* i’ll be spending it in the big apple with the pea.

i am excited, it will be like living “serendipity”, that has gotta be one of my favourite shows ever, ever. i’ve watched it so many times i can quote from it. it is set in new york, and i say i am really looking forward to seeing new york exactly as it was in the show. (no, i will not be disappointed.)

here’s the trailer:

in fact, i know exactly what i am going to do this christmas.

we’d wake up around 10 am, go for coffee at a proper coffee place (because if you know the pea, this is vital), go to bloomingdales and buy something (you gotta watch the movie), go for ice-cream at serendipity, come back for a full christmas meal including turkey (or chicken if its just the two of us), pop champagne, and go for a horse drawn carriage ride (he promised), and we will wind up at central park to watch people skate (cos i dont think it will be very romantic if i did) on the frozen late, sing a couple of carols and then head down to at least look at the lovely waldorf astoria.

” its begining to look alot like christmas..”

i’ll find my favourite new york moment, and say “this one’s climbing the charts”