Sweet dreams, Mango.

Mango 4



We made the decision to put Mango down today.

Mango has been sick for the past week with vomitting and diarroahing and completely stopped eating two days ago. today her tongue turned brownish-black and she started breathing in huffs and puffs. we found out at the vet she had kidney failure and a bad heart. her blood toxicity was so high it was off the charts.

i’m still dealing with it.



mango 1

Always a part of me, both.


hello i need a cuddle

cute-rabbit-rabbit-400x266so this week didn’t start too right. perhaps because it was an awful weekend with Denn having a 38.6 degree temperature and i ended up having to play nightingale, when we actually had plans to chillax and wind down this weekend with an ironman 3 movie date. any one who has to take care of a sick male would tell you, they need alot of attention when sick. even if its just to sit there while they sleep (literally).

now that Denn is back on his feet (MC today and tomorrow) and prepping to go back to work tomorrow, i’m suddenly seized with a need for a cuddle, and a “there, there”.