midday inspirations

i love wedding photography, it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy, even admist a bad day. i usually time (post-time) my blogposts, so it looks like i am writing often, but really they have all been prewritten and released later on. like this post.

anyway, i like this farm (i think) wedding, isn’t its simplicity so charming? and i like the flowers.. the pea will probably make a joke abt them looking rather phallic, but really, aren’t they charming?

Featured on the pretty blog

Cake: Nelle Cakes

Church: Delsma Farm

Décor: Elaine Venter from Bloemennice

Dress: Susan Ellis

Entertainment: Dukes Disco (www.dukesdisco.co.za)

Flowers: Elaine Venter from Bloemennice

Food: Delsma Farm

Hair and Make-up: Carla from Anuk

Photographer: Cari Eksteen

Shoes: Good old Woolies!


clearing the wardrobe

oh, what i would give to have a wardrobe that looks like this. (but completely impractical right). i will be the first to admit it: i have more clothes than most. but i have nothing to wear. no seriously.

well meaning friends have jacked me too often for me not to realise they are getting concerned about my dress sense. hur. you see, the problem started when i made uniforms for the whole office, so i didnt have to think about what to wear in the mornings for work. we all wear jeans and polo shirts to work. then when i was in NYC with den, we went nuts at the threadless sale (threadless tees for $7.99 USD during the sale!) so i suddenly had (have) t-shirts to wear after work. and OMG, for someone who never quite wore t-shirts growing up, i have to say, why would anyone want to wear a dress when its so much more convenient in a t-shirt!

i really should grow out it, and get some new stuff, dress up more. problem is, all this weight gain recently is not making me feel very good about myself, and since i still have  the same fashion palette i did when i was eighteen, i dont want to throw anything away. but i dont fit into them anymore, and i have no space for new ones.

so two things: to clear the wardrobe and to buy new stuff.

okay. so i am following my sister (hello chair, i could use a little comfort from Q ball during this difficult time.) ‘s cardinal rule: if it has not been worn within the last year, it has got to go. clear space then go shopping.

i hate shopping laa. it just takes too much time and effort. seriously. i can’t take it. humbug. so please, friends– send me your favourite online blogshops/shopping websites so i may get out of this rut.

wish me luck!