a quiet day with the folks

its funny, for perhaps the first time, den and i are considered the adults on the trip. usually its just the 2 of us left to our own decisions and doing as we please (including our famous afternoon naps schedule that we try to plan into our travel days).

but this trip, we’re doing some homey stuff (mainly helping him move out of the apartment), and hanging out with his folks. today den and his dad went to get the car, while his mum and i stayed home to pack. we’re going to chinatown for lunch.


new york, again. (hello Greenwich)

yea, i am here, in the big apple again, seeing it with fresh eyes, dewy from jetlag.

i think i would never grow tired of New York City– the sounds, oh the sounds of New York. the frequent sirens of the ambulances, the yellow taxis, the hustle and the bustle, the laughter from the streets, the sound of mingling and friendships– all in this hotpot city with a million cultures merging to carve out a living, here in New York City.

anyway, on this trip we will be hitting: (ann, please let dad know) Woodbury Common, Albany, Niagara, Toronto, Montreal, Vermont, New Hamshire, Boston, Cape Cod, Alantic City, Rhode Island.

sounds hectic, doesn’t it?

we’re (8 of us) are packing into a 12 seater van and driving– not me though, i’m a chicken, and a well-known terrible driver.


today is the last day for the pea’s take home exam.

today is my presentation for my tender.

today is our do or die.

pity we are half a world apart, and 12 hours distant.

i’ll have to miss his graduation (assuming he hands up his papers on time) ; he’ll have to miss being a part of this monumnetal milestone (if successful) of the company.

but i’m lucky. i get to bring daddy with me for my presentation– the wonders of being part of a family business. nothing ever seems so scary when you’ve got daddy with you watching your back.