Staying on in NY until the 11th..


(hello broadway!)


year end post 2009

this year has many differences from the last year. for one, it has been alot better on the nerves and alot less tears over the company. i think it is safe to say i’ve finally settled into the routine, the daily dramas and of course, the workload. i think i have learnt this year, to manage my time a little better, to sleep a little earlier,  to start going to the gym and all in all i have gotten my working life pretty together and on track.

the company is doing great, and i do hope i can say the same at the end of 2010. yes, there is the odd sleepless night over this and that, but in general, it is going just great.  i am keeping a look out for the next big project already and i cant wait to see it take off. 2009 also was the year Dad and i became full fledged partners– as in away with the prescriptives and in with the mutual respect and to a fair extent reliance. it is a good partnership and one i think we both mutually appreciate. although i cannot lie and have to admit, we both being very headstrong and quick tempered have—and oh boy trust me– our issues, but i think 2010 will be kind to teach us both how to handle it.

emotionally i think i am stronger this year than i was last year. i guess that’s called growing up, growing more independent (without the pea and the hufflepuff). just being better at managing myself. my resolution (and because this is the first day of the new year i am entitled to my resolution) is : calm. to pursue calm.


but having said that, this 2009 has been great. we ushered in the new year with these crazy bunch here in our tiny apartment in NY, rather than to chase the illusive ball at time square. (or rather watch it drop). justin & tsu lynn, vikram, hansel & ching, the pea and i.  and today we also had zixuan & nicho join us, it was great fun.

i know i sound like i havent quite been enjoying new york, but i’ve really settled in here, its gonna be sad to leave the pea behind. and his friends are wonderfully nice. the doorman is so friendly he teases me everytime i leave the building (note to self: remember to buy small gift for them) , new yorkers are generally quite friendly (though there seems to be some coffee addiction here in the air, its a little terse in the mornings, until they get a hit of coffee at the coffee stand– then they’re all chatty and all smiles.

i miss bronco and the rest of them back home. i see his face in so many of the puppies here. i told the pea, if i was to stay in NY for a spell, i’ll buy me a pug. its like the perfect dog for NY. :) and i got kissed by this fat sloppy bulldog (protruding lower lip and slimy drool and all)– it was funny, we were at the train station.

speaking of trains, i love love love the cross-country trains here (not the subway)– they are so comfy its unbelievable, and the people on the trains are great. we met this little old lady going to florida, to catch her a tan– and the conversations we had on the trains with these other ladies, regarding foods, produce, schools, the american way of life.. hahaha. i am sure i’ll think back fondly of these days.

its going to snow tomorrow. finally. i havent actually seen snow fall in new york. saw snow fall in west point, and in boston, and in bridgeport, but havent seen snow fall in NY. we have seen snow that already fell (12 inches during the snow storm), that turned grey and slushy.

heading off to bed, we’re off to the natural history museum tomorrow.

night world.