i know i am supposed to be on blog hiatus. i interrupt hiatus with reports of a throbbing head, and eyeballs that ache.

is it possible to have busy-ness ennui? i am tired of feeling tired.



the pea gives me his credit card details and tells me to go shopping on amazon.

is this awesome or what!

this gives me more kick than shopping for victoria secrets.


wedding song

i’ve picked my wedding song..

..and its a secret. :ox because everyone will disagree with it and/or have an opinion about what it should be.

but it doesnt matter because as long as i’m happy with it. the pea WILL be happy with it. and everyone will be happy with it. because its my party.

an appeal for love

hey guys.

i’m going to be flying under the radar somewhat, because the biggest tender of my carreer just presented itself and it closes on the 6th of May. this would more or less determine my life for the next six years, and would play a very big part in my decision to stay in Singapore or no.

so i’m going to be MIA somewhat, please be kind, and understanding.

my financial year closes in APril 2010, which also means immediately after closing tender i have 5 days to finish up the last 2 months’ accounts to submit for audit and etc. because i am flying off to NY on the 11th.

so please be loving and drop me smses from time to time, and know that if i dont respond i am not ignoring you or antisocial, just stretched real thin. i am just trying to keep my sanity.

:(  i’ve timed some posts to come out on peaandprincess.wordpress.com — i wrote them a while back but am timing their release. but until the 11th, i am officially on blog hiatus.

kiss kiss,


puppy woes

bronco has been a real terror, he’s been keeping me up with his constant whining (think of joel on j&k+8) but at 2 am in the night when you gotta be up at 6, for the most important meeting of your career. why? fear of thunder. save my soul, the smally reminds me its gonna be this way for a longgg while more as we start the rainy season, here in singapore.

pix needs constant reassurances, so she sits/sleeps and even tried to eat on my chest. she’s refusing to be more than 2 meters away from me. the only time when i have privacy is when i’m showering, like actually showering. even when i brush my teeth, she’s at my feet, waiting to be picked up. when i am in my office, she’s there. even when i sit on the throne, she sits there, quietly looking at me–through it all. 

its quite ridiculous, this situation i’ve landed myself in.

everyone says i’m spoiling them, but i can’t help it, really.

its true love.

more bridesmaid ideas

i am loving the mismatched dresses, and the mismatched bridesmaid bouquets.

the bride, Ms Hot Cocca who writes on doublyhappytoo.blogspot.com introduces herself: I am an aspiring law professor, who sometimes would rather be baking than writing.  An egghead, who might be happier playing Elle Woods than reading Foucault.  A dilettante, who would prefer to be thought of as a professional collector of hobbies