hello, will i wait a lonely lifetime? if you want me to i will.

i just heard a beautiful cover of one of my favourite beatles’ songs “i will” and as i was singing along, i just got swept into the words and what they meant.

Who knows how long I’ve loved you
You know I love you still
Will I wait a lonely lifetime?
If you want me to I will

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a melancholy chill rides on the goosebumps on my skin, such a love. what a love.

The original:


The cover:


letters from the sea – santorini

this is long overdue, but definitely a major highlight of our trip. the beautiful island of Santorini.

we flew to Santorini after staying 2 nights in Athens (had to see the Parthenon and the Theater of Dionysios). and to be quite honest, by this time, Denn and i were very ready to come home — but we thought, we were already in Greece, so why not just go over and see this place which is supposed to be one of the top holiday destinations.

Santorini was perfect, in all its grace and its serenity. the colour of the domes, ladies and gentlemen, is Cerulean Blue. Sorry, job hazard — i just had to know the exact colour the domes were — i guessed as much when we were driving in Santorini. But i only just confirmed it. Cerulean.

These following images are courtesy of google. because the photos we took on our phones just didnt cut it.






i thought Santorini was perfect in the sun, the whiteness of the houses, the cerulean domes, the precarious way it sits on the cliffs as if some mad artistic child was playing with his toy houses and trying to balance them on the rocks. but santorini at night took my breath away. the sun set was gorgeous. and really, it became somewhat magical when the lights came on and we walked the streets in Oia, at the other end of the island.





it was about an hour plus drive in the day from one end of the island (our Hotel was in the south at Vlyhada) to Oia (on the North). The roads are really narrow, and really hilly with twists and turns and really minimal signage. we drove the full length of the island, and Denn managed to find us our way back, even at night, without the map! did i marry an awesome travel buddy or what!

speaking of driving, So, i booked us a SMART car. its so tiny you can park it perpendicular on a road. its length is about the width of a normal car. to be honest, we were very worried we wouldn’t be able to fit our luggage — but we did! It was a cabriolet — and we had tons of fun with the top and windows down — and finding little nooks to park it in.







we stayed at the fabulous Notos Therme & Spa — which we only found out when we got there, was a SLH listed Hotel. Fabulous. We had a room on the third floor, and it was beautifully nautical. i have photos in my camera, but i haven’t uploaded the photos yet.. so for now, make do with images i’ve found online and stuck together. for what its worth, this was exactly the condition we found the hotel in when we got there. pristine and perfect.


Notos Therme and Spa


denn and i spent hours in our huge balcony. 2nd row 1st picture. it was perfect. L shaped sofas for me to laze about, (in the shade no less) reading my book, while Denn got his gaming time in on the alienware. Yes, we brought THAT monster along. crazy, but totally worth it. actually the balcony is twice that size, with a mirror image on the other side. so much space. the europeans really love their balconies. and it was luxurious! even at night, by candlelight. they even had a reading lamp, and power points. in the balcony.

then the spa. oh the spa. my first taste of spa in europe. Did i mention the entire hotel uses its own natural spring water? you heard me right! and the spa was stunning — and trust me, i’ve seen a fair bit of fancy spas. it is a refurbished ice-house, and cut directly out of volcanic rocks, the spa is naturally cooler than the outside — with two indoor pools (filled with spring water), for you to languid and lose yourself in. One pool had whirlpool jets, and the other completely still, like a mirror. they were a real treat for Denn and i who were both feeling a little baked from the Athen’s sun. The treatment rooms were unadorned and elegant and i loved every minute of my olive-oil-and-Aegean-sea-salt scrub, volcanic mud wrap, relaxing massage and a traditional head, neck and shoulder massage. Denn did the same scrub, chocolate wrap, hot-stone massage and finished with the head, neck and shoulder massage. totally worth it — and at a 20% discount because we were hotel guests!

Notos Therme and Spa 1

notos-therme-spa 1

we highly recommend it.

i loved Santorini, and hope one day before we are too old and grey, Denn will bring me back.