on the furkids

the dogs are all well, thanks for all the concern and the understanding guys. not to forget thanks for the prayers for sustanence and for patience. we appreciate it.

pix and the pups are home, and all is well. pix had some initial adjustment issues wherer she rejected the pups and refused to allow them to suckle. after one harrowing night, nature kicked in and thankfully, she has taken to possessive motherhood. the vet told us to make sure the pups get hourly feeding, so the first night was tough, but it has certainly gotten much better. the family and i have been taking turns (i do the night shift)– hourly feeding is certainly no damn joke. by day 3 we were all walking zombies. senia, our helper has been a huge blessing– her tireless patience is remarkable.

you know, i dont usually blog about religion much, but i just had to share: after the first night of having to force pixie to lay still to allow the pups time to milk, frustration and worry kicked in, i panicked like i haven’t panicked in a while. i asked of God, him being the creator of all things (this is my faith), to show me the blueprints of his design. that he created animals to be able to care for their own young, and do the necessary for them– afterall, lions in the wild do it, so do birds, even mice, why not pixie? this birthing of the pups have been so wonderful an experience–it makes me marvel, how wonderful His design is. they were born so lovely– and the detailing is exquisite, right down to little toenails.

anyway we havent named them yet, and we wont be doing so until they are about 2 weeks old. largely cos they are currently fat little wiggling sausages– we can’t tell much of their characters yet. their eyes are still unopened, and their legs still haven’t got strength, so we are still keeping our fingers crossed. one boy one girl. we have tons of pictures, but we will upload them later on.

bronco however, is in hospital with an inflammed gut. he has a bacterial infection, and is doing poorly enough to warrant hospitalisation. largely because he has mastered the way of spitting up his medication at will, and refused to take it. i slept poorly both nights without him– feeling sorry for the poor chap who has never been caged in his life. i hear from the vet he whinned himself hoarse. but there is little choice. he needs intervention.


on blogging

very recently someone asked me why i blogged. as in what is the point? everyone can read what you write, and on many occasions it gets used as ammunition back at you. it’s putting your whole life out there for all to read and judge.

but my answer is this. it is about standing accountable for your actions, and that’s not for now. that is for years to come, when we have children of our own. i read back to years before and the thoughts i had then, the infamous break-ups and the hurts and the tears behind the words. am i ashamed of myself, no. because emotions are never wrong, they just are. will i delete them for fear of someone reading it? no, because they chronicle my past– i am but the sum of my experiences. and you know, in my heart of hearts, i secretly (not so secret now) hope that when my own daughter goes through a tough time, and she reads something i wrote and identifies with it– maybe she’d find comfort and talk to me about it.

four months of living together

don’t get me wrong, i am not unhappy– but rather just bothered. my heart’s a little heavy.

about what i do not know, it could be the fact that going into the forth month of living together, the pea’s family decide they want to talk about our living arrangements — in fact that is happening tonight. the pea has decided that he wants to handle it on his own, so i am staying home and wondering what is going to happen. it’s funny isn’t it? you live the majority (mine at least) of your life single and ok on your own, and suddenly this person moves his jeans into your closet and his underpants next to yours and then he says he may not stay with you tonight, you panic about having to sleep on your own.

maybe i have taken this current situation for granted, this staying together and growing together. we did not choose this living arrangement for midnight whispers, but rather because we share the thought that it is about sharing a space that we need to go through. how well can you know a person without living with him first? and i have seen relationships that suddenly stop working when the couple live together (or try to live together); and you know, call me unorthodox, but seriously, as for me, i rather find out now, before those vows that last till death doth us part.

this may not be the way for most of us, but this is my choice, and i will stand by it. it has taken alot of sacrifices, and changes to the social-life scene. let’s just say there has been many lessons taught, and maybe some of us haven’t learnt them all. for example, when you live with someone, and your friends ask you out for dinner. i think it is only considerate that you not only inform the other, but make sure his/her dinner plans are taken care of, and if not so– perhaps then include him/her in your plans and your friends need to understand that. its not that we are conjoined at the hip, but we have a certain committment to the other. and you know, we have realised that true friends understand, and it is the very people that love you enough to accept the other half (and embrace him/her too) that we should really keep.

living together has been fun, mostly. part of the reason for the weight gain on both our parts is because for some reason we have peanut butter cravings in the night. we watch alot of cable tv and we play games before we sleep.  when i mean games i do mean games like settlers of catan.  we drive out for supper in the wee hours of the morning and meet our nocturnal friends in the parks. before we sleep we laugh and giggle, because bronco dives in to be between us often burrowing into the pillows and ending up with his face in the pea’s armpit. and since bronco has hard whiskers that tickle and the pea is very squirmish it is often immediately followed by a shock and a swear and i dunno which of them look more offended.

maybe i dont write enough about it, but i love the mornings when i wake up naturally, the air still dewy from the night before, the neighbour’s kids silent. those mornings where pixie is sitting by my pillow and the moment you make a movement and she sees you open your eye she pounces on your chest and licks your nose because you know she’s been sitting there for more than half an hour waiting for this moment. then you turn and look at the pea and bronco, who sleep in the same position with their arms flung above their head and flat on their backs. its funny, sometimes i giggle to myself about it. i should take a picture of it one day. then pull bronco in for a cuddle and nudge the pea a little, and the best thing is– and i mean it– watching the pea wake up with his stretching sounds and i always marvel how he can wake up all smiley and loving when i am the resident porcupine in the morning.

the pea moved in from the point he got back from new york and has moved most of his things from his room at his parent’s house to mine. i am thankful my parents are as cool as they are about this living arrangement, but then again they have always been very open minded. or perhaps its because dad really quite love-love the pea. they go off for their boys only lunches where they eat teochew food like teochew boys do. they often joke that they are the only 2 pure teochews in the house, which is not wrong. their palettes are distressingly similar, often veering on queer with peppery pig stomach/liver/kidneys and grey coloured goose meat and tasteless tofu soups. and dont even get me started on the fish. there’s only that much fish a person can stomach– we do not need fish at every meal. anyway, i digress. dad loves the pea, and its vice versa.

my parents, more importantly, respect the pea and i as adults and don’t try to tell us what to do (what they think is right) anymore. it has gone beyond the “you guys need to seriously consider getting a flat”, in fact, they neither rush us or push us to make decisions that we may not be ready for, or may not need to make at this point in time, simply because “everyone else is doing it” or because the national day rally indicated that the government will  be proposing certain benefits. my parents dont try to make decisions for us as well, and generally have nothing to comment about the way the pea and i spend (or don’t spend). i think certain credit need to be given to them– they treat us as adults ready to embark on a life together, and encourage us to choose our own paths as a couple. as a matter of fact, contrary to what most parents tell their daughters, mine usually remind me to start learning to respect the pea as the head of my still-to-come family and that “[I] do not need to make all the decisions all the time”. the thing i appreciate is really that they give us the space, to figure out what kind of life-partnership the pea and i would like when work, and life gets us down.

see the thing is, in my house there just is a certain (and i mean high) level of privacy with my own attached bathroom and the fact that i have essentially the back half of the house to myself. i mention the bathroom and this is important, ladies and gentlemen, because i have never had to share my bathroom space until the pea moved in. i shared it for a while with rita, but she very quickly moved downstairs and had her own bathroom (i think a large factor behind the move was really because we kept fighting over the bathroom. or more like, i was fighting because i didnt know how to share it). the pea’s parent’s house just dont afford me the level of privacy i need because of the layout of the rooms. the pea’s room over there is used as a thorough-fare and i hate, i absolutely hate having people walk in and out of my rooms. his parents are great, and the food there is awesome. its just the layout of the place. and this is what they have been used it, it is neither my place nor my desire to purport to change it.

pregnancy update

pix is preggers, if you haven’t heard by now, and since i have been deluged by sms-es for pictures, i thought i’d share the current pictures here. the sister is supposed to do up a flickr stream, but well, as you can tell she is otherwise occupied.

hokay, so they look alittle naked. that’s cos i got them shaven down last week so that when pix delivers she will be more managable. bronco got shaven down so she wouldn’t be the only one feeling naked.

he is loving it, and has taken to shaking his tail feathers.

of puppies.

so if you havent already heard, pixie and bronco are expecting. we (those of us who live here at Tamarind) are very very excited.

it was unplanned, i promise. although we joked about it alot, we never quite thought it would happen– because 1) we tried to keep them apart when she was on heat, 2) bronco always did it wrongly — his favourite was to try and hump her face (haha, maybe he isn’t so stupid after all)  and 3) she didnt seem too interested in his advances.

well, clearly. we are terrible cherperones, and they got up to some naughty-naughty without us knowing.

i know most of us are wondering, what happens when a beiwer (pixie, black and white coloured) yorkshire terrier and a yorkshire terrier have a litter, what colours will the babies be?

according to the dog breed info website:

There can be Biewer and Yorkshire color puppies in a single litter, but only in the F2 Generation. In the F1 generation; if you breed a Biewer and a Yorkshire , you get only Yorkshire color puppies (black and tan). If you keep a puppy and breed this again to a true Biewer (3 generation Biewer) you will get Biewer and Yorkshire puppies. If you keep again a puppy no matter if Yorkie color or Biewer; and breed this again to a Biewer you get only Biewer puppies

how exciting, right? so we are expecting bronco coloured pups

anyway, here are some pictures, to whet the appetite, or rather, fuel the excitment:

anyway, i am pretty sure my (aspiring) photographer sister will be logging in photos daily.. maybe we’ll do a flickr stream or something. :) i am responsible for the nutrition side, the pea is handling dog safety (ie, build a door to stop her from going down the stairs, find a barricade for my room door so she can see out but bronco can’t get in) and the sister is doing temperature checks (to verify when she is going to pop)

anyway. the whole thing has been quite a roller coaster. it started about 3 days ago when the sister came and commented to me that she thought i was overfeeding pix cos she “looked so fat”. but i must have been pretty busy or just brushed it off. i dunno how i could have missed the signs. she has been having some discharge (which i have been washing off her regularly), her boobies are swollen, she is peeing alot more. these are all complaints one of the 3 of us have made over the course of the last two weeks. but we were all none the wiser..

its only because i bathed her the night before last that i actually took ann’s comment about pix being fat seriously, only i realised its not her bloatedness looks a little too far front from an overeating full tummy.

anyway, lo and behold. we brought her to the first vet (her regular vet, but the vet has changed since the business changed hands) and it was unconclusive. we got sent for an ultrasound. we went to mt pleasant for the ultrasound, and went to see vet 2– and she confirmed the pregancy. when i asked her how do we do a follow up, she said, anyone of the doctors there can see pix, or we can specially request for the specific vet if we were willing to wait.

and the chances of having to do a c-section because pix is so small is very high.

… seriously, wtf. who changes gynos before a delivery, a c-section no less!! and ANY VET ALSO CAN?!

so today we are going to see a new vet that comes highly recommended by a friend of ours. hopefully he gives us less “bo chup” advice. 

well, because we took so long AHEM  to find out, she is already 5-6 weeks along based on fetal development. since a dog’s gestation is about 8-9 weeks, we are looking at 2 more weeks plus?

boy oh boy oh boy.

we dunno what we are going to do with the puppies as yet, we are really really just hoping that pixie pulls through okay. (i am really really worried she might die from childbirth complications, really really worried). i think i will be a massive, i mean massive wreck if anything happened to pixie. and given that this is her first litter AND she’s so tiny, we are preparing ourselves for complications in puppy survival.

in the meantime, dad went out of his way to buy pix fish and liver (the fish was recommended by vet 2) and liver is probably an old-wives thing. she doesnt want to drink puppy milk, so she’s on soy. (and it has to be cold SOBE brand). bronco in the meantime, is getting himself damn fat also because he eats all her leftovers.