burning eyes.

mustard seed faith.

stretched to the brink of tears.


hush little baby dont say a word

its certainly late in the evening, nearly the wee hours of the morning. and while i haven’t really been alive at 11pm, much less 2 am, this staying up couldnt have come at a worse time because i have a full day tomorrow.

but sleep eludes me, and bronco the little grub keeps me company. the prefect is off in OBS and the pea is giving last-min tuition to his sister. the tinkerbel shares my bed tonight but she’s in the office on a phonecall to the werewolf.


so sweet, he is. i know i should really be getting him a girlfriend, but secretly i don’t want to share him.

rain at her feet

there are these good days and these bad days, and some days which are a mish-mash of both that makes one want to laugh and cry at the same time. there are those days you wear those rose-tinted glasses and notice the wonderful dances of the leaves in the passing trees, and there are those days that you spend, just wishing for a good long bath so you can cry and then pop a sleeping pill (hopefully in that order so you don’t pass out in the shower) so the day would go by faster.

i asked myself today, do i wish i was doing something different? do i wish i did a different uni degree? do i wish i lived my life a little less differently?

then i asked myself is there a point to look back and live with all these what-ifs? most people close would know i actually do live (already) with very little what-ifs because my impulsive, compulsive nature just makes me go-do-it-now! so i don’t have┬ámuch regrets.

(but how many can actually get to spend the day with their best friend, in car rides all around the country, battling stupid drivers and countless u-turns. laughing at armpits and smelling boys all day?)

that aside, this day has been one of those un-eventful yet crazy days that make my eyes sour with a sting of thankfulness its over and a bite of tiredness that wants to rest.

was just sharing with a friend today, a friend i haven’t quite had the time for, chronicling my life the past few weeks, on the latest developments and the unexpected twists of fate. i’m tired, and snappish. and not to mention PMSy.

which only means i’m about to start the waterworks.