where do i find umbrellas like these?

oh pea, can we please have these umbrellas? and the calligraphy on the tags, absolutely delights me. but you guys all know by now what a font nut i am.

i love the drink jars,  i love the old tins that the flowers were arranged in (there were tea tins, biscuit tins, etc) and i absolutely love the fairy lights.

sonya + davey’s wedding:

featured on: once wed

photography by:  Max Wanger

Event Planning/Design by: Duet Weddings


so dreamy

Adam & Eve from dolly on Vimeo.

I like this wedding video, how it feels so movie-ish, rather than collage-ish. i really like the simplicity of her dress, it looks so comfy. i wonder if there is a value in taking so much time/moolah to tailor a big poofy dress you’d only wear once. doesnt she look great? and the veil. i love it.

i love this casual setting

love it, love it, love it.

(i even love the paper cranes, and i love the huge trees and rocks and i love the white blond shock of hair on the children. i love the picnic mats and i love the lemonade jar. i love the mismatched bridesmaids, and i love how the Justice of Peace wore sunshades)

photography by: Kirsten Ellis of Beaux Arts Photographie

featured on: once wed

electric dreams

(image from:  layoutsparks)
on friday, the pea and i planned to spend some time together because it is the last :( weekday we have together before he signs his life away as a lawyer on monday. reminds self that that’s life, we’re growing up. 

he promises our next holiday will be on his paycheck. pfft. as if a holiday is even on the horizon, right. 

anyway, he went to cut his hair and i went to walk around– and the piped music in the shopping mall we were at suddenly played “electric dreams”. it has never quite been a song we both identify with, especially coming from a girl that has NEVER been for mambo night.

anyway, the funny thing i wanted to log down to remember is that we had an sms conversation (because i was somewhere else), wherein we just sms-ed lines from the song to each other. it was oddly romantic, and the girl in the next loo must have thought me crazy because i kept laughing like a loon as the sms conversation progressed.

for an awfully irritating song, there are some very nice words in there.
so pea, this is for you: “We’ll always be together/Together in Electric Dreams”

and then, the pea got hit by the mambo bug and started texting me cheesy lines from mambo songs. i have to say though, its nice to know he still makes me giggle (okay more like laugh like a loon) after three years.

“And don’t you know
I would move heaven and earth
To be together forever with you”

my boyfriend. the mambo nut.

my 3 am state of mind

its 3 am and i am only just done with my meeting. today was supposed to be our food fiesta with laophua, driving around to the far flung places of our little island to get the grub we always wish we had the time to drive to said far flung places for. but when we finally got to bedok 85 bakchormee, we had to skip it so that i can come back to handle this.

you know the feeling. the dreg of the tiredness that slowly seeps under your skin from being awake past your bedtime, yet your brain is still wired up, running in a million directions at the same time. your eyes get damp from strain, yet your fingers keep on clicking on random people on facebook–people who you hardly know and hardly think about and (with no disrepect intended) don’t quite give a hoot about, most of your waking moments. but suddenly, as exhausted as you are– something facinates you and you tell yourself “okay, one more set of photos. and then my brain would finally be ready for bed.” when the truth is, you kid yourself. you are tired– and yet the sadistic part of your own parts is trying to fight it.

going to read a little Max Lucado. have i ever mentioned how much i wish i could write like him? religious or not, i think he has one of the best use of imagery and analogy.

celia, out.

missing life

life has by no means been boring. on the contrary. most days like these i wonder how time got away from me. a blink of an eye, and its 2 pm.

but i miss the nights that bleed into days that bleed into nights. 4 days till the pea starts work. i will miss him most in the afternoons, when he sits opposite me in the office. his fingers frantically clicking, and the way he cocks his head to the left and right, eyebrows furrowed. starcraft.

the inaugural 2011 post

yes, i have been silent for a while, and a few of my friends have called asking if this blog has been shut down because of the lack of my end-of-year post (usually written in the wee hours of the last day of the year). i am still alive. my inactivity here is largely due to this weird onset of a condition whereby i seem unable to put my thoughts down in writing, i dont know why, it has never quite struck me this badly before. its as if my usual bursting-to-write-about-this-bug has been taken over by this write-a-blog-post-OOH!!-pepper-needs-a-bath! distraction.

i have been telling the pea, over and over again, that with each passing day i feel a little stupider, and language seem to elude me. it does not help when i steal a peek at the pea’s iphone game of scrabble and have to ask him what most of the words mean. see, i write as if i am twelve, what happened to elegant prose, or poetry. its downhill from 25, i am living proof.

so i turned 25 this year (see how my thought run-ons become so obvious). a quarter of a century old, that’s me. for the past 2 months, the pea tells me, whenever i don’t understand something and ask for an explaination, that i’d understand when i’m 25– my 24 year old brain just can’t process the information yet. turning 25 made me feel old. too old to be unmarried (bye bye 24 year old bride). too old to be wearing t-shirts. too old for the clubs. too old for beach weekends. too old for foolish afternoons spent going to the karaoke. too old for midnight movies. sheesh. too old for saying sheesh. i have never felt this way about turning a particular age before– suddenly the weight of what-you-should-have-accomplished-by-now feels so heavy, and i ask myself if i had any learning done in the past year at all.

it has been a very fast year:the company hasn’t really grown much this year, although processes have been streamlined, contracts extended. the pea is back from NYC with his masters. the baby sister is not so baby anymore having completed her O’s. the older sister had a baby! the puppies survived their first 3 months. the hufflepuff started work. friends got married. the pea moved in– for 6 months now.

i dont think when i am 40 i will look back and remember 2010 definitively, that makes me feel a little sad. this year was a couple of highs and lows, but not the drastic kinds. did the biggest presentation of my carreer, and was thankful daddy was in there with me to give moral support. the pea and i have settled down into a very comfortable zone where we’ve more or less kept our fighting down to a minimal.

took two holidays this year (yes, it is rather excessive). june to new york, dec to new zealand. i loved new york when i was there. i love new zealand even when i am back here. what’s there not to love about the land of L&P? i went to the official L&P cafe, in Paeroa, where it all began. (that’s another post for another time)

this year, my wish is simple: really to do at least ONE important thing everyday. you know there are some workdays that just bleed into each other, without anything significant. well i want to do something sigificant everyday.