Bee bee on my mind


This was bee when she was a baby; before her eyes opened.
2002 – 2012

Bee was born in a litter of 5; our first litter of puppies ever in the house. We chose to keep her, because we found it cute that a black cocker plus a beige cocker could produce a brown one. Her other siblings were black or beige.

Bee has always been eccentric; barking at shadows, disciplining the other dogs whenever they misbehaved, and later on when she became blind she’d bite if any of us moved towards her too quickly.

She got hit by a car this evening. The driver stopped to tell me he hit my dog outside my house, whilst i was running out after i heard the howl. he was holding up traffic so i asked him to move his car. while moving his car to one side of the road, he drove off.

Carried her in, she seemed ok, just unable to get up. But didn’t look like she was in pain, just in shock. No whinning or crying she just went to sleep. So I thought no rush, let her rest, bring to her vet tomorrow morning.

Drove to mustafa to buy her painkillers, of a specific type that the vet specified over the phone. but she didn’t manage to hold on for the vet appointment in the end.

We are ok, just a little sad.


togetherness on my mind

next month, denn is staying home from work; and its gonna be a first for us.

usually we go on a long holiday (le sigh. new york, at christmas), or there’s a big project underway (we sort of went overseas everyday as well). there has not been an extended period of time when we stayed home together for a month. i wonder how that will go and whether or not we’ll be ready to throttle each other by the time Christmas comes.

i am still working in dec, but since i work from home anyway it doesn’t really affect me, but i am starting to worry about denn’s nesting tenancies. its bad, the packing, the packing, the packing. the everything-has-to-be-at-right-angles, from largest-at-the-bottom-to-smallest-at-the-top stacks, to everything-needs-a-label-even-if-its-in-a-see-through-box. for better or for worse, i tell myself.

come January i’d have separation anxiety again when he goes back to work. haiya.

anyway, the thing i really worry about denn staying home, is how we are going to settle the music. see, denn loves bands like passion pit:

and i like dickey lee:

how to find a happy medium?

jolly on my mind

denn’s family is awesome, they really are. i mean family dinners extend not just to the 7 of us (mum, dad, denn, darr, charm, cais and me) but also to the extended. his aunties (all 5 sisters talking at the same time!), his cousins. the last massive dinner in celebration of my MIL’s birthday, had an extensive dinner of duck, shark’s -ahem- fins *cough cough*, lobster sashimi, roasted chicken stuffed with glutinous rice, lamb, and 4 bottles of champagne.

his cousin’s HL is in a band, and we’ve never quite heard them play before. HL shared a track online, and i find myself so hooked on it. Indie mixed with a bit of folk, and really, maybe its just the jingle of christmas i love. i totally love it. if anyone can tell me exactly what kinda music this is, i’d be grateful.

this song makes me think of a cozy fireplace, something heavily scented with spice (the smell kind, not the taste kind). and hot chocolate. also because as i write this, it is pouring in torrents. and it seems like the perfect song, to snuggle down with a good book and a warm puppy on your lap.

robin egg blue and cedar wood on my mind

how soothing, how lovely. makes me think this makes the perfect bedroom i’ve seen thus far. i love the robin egg blue walls. okay. pale robin egg blue. almost sky blue, almost grey. so pale. white lighting, warm lighting, both works.


i love the brass bed, and the intricagte bed frame. i love the wicker chair and basket accents, in white. i love the mix of paint and wall paper. i love the lace bedspreads and the shams (those are the pillow cases with the skirting around it). the vintage lamps, the cedar wood furniture. okay i am not sure if its cedar wood, but that’s the colour i associate with cedar wood. in ‘ikea’ terms that would call that birch. the ikea’s beech wood has a reddish hue to it.

this exact shade of wood. looks so clean. i love the curvy-ness of the wardrobes and dresser, and that sexy little chair with the curvy legs in the corner. i imagine i’d be bugging denn to let me please get one of those fat white and grey cats, the ones with a squashed face. wouldnt that make the perfect room companion?

oysters on my mind

my parents-in-law are renovating their home, and i’ve got interior design on my mind. it started off as a small errands trip to ikea, to pick up some organisation boxes for our (denn and i) shared home office space.

and then i started looking at all these beautiful images, colour blends. and i was just telling denn how i wish we lived in a cold country so i could actually have a real fireplace. my very own.

my latest colour obsession is oyster. “huh?” let me show you this image i am positively in love with. the mood. the feel.

the tarnished gold frames, the grey/white sofas that don’t match, the semi-stripped white paint on exposed wood. and the oyster colored walls. not quite grey, not quite sand, not quite pearlescent. maybe we will sepia some of our wedding photos to put up on the walls, have a few of those grecian looking vases.

i especially love the old fashioned light, bronzed and warm. i imagine it to have one of them old fashioned tungsten light bulbs, not one of these LED thingamabobs.

oh, to curl up with a good book and while time away. and during christmas there will be snow on the ledge.

picture source:


boho on my mind

here’s the secret: if i had it my way; i’d so try the bohemian bedroom; with the clash of colours, prints, throw rugs.

okay. this is too much, clearly. minus the gypsy items: the glass ball, the incense sticks, the sheer junk of too many things.. i think this could actually work! the rest area looks so cosy and sleep inducing.


boho doesn’t have to be dark and dank, see how this looks so bright and comfy at the same time? perfect little nook for that awkward attic.


okay i am a sucker for this stripped wood in the house.



and this one, the mismatched bookshelves the black and white photos. oh i love them so. denn will never allow this for fear of things falling on him in his sleep; but how wonderful does this look, no?

puppies on my mind

“oh nooo!” i can hear everyone just groan and moan about it. the last time i had puppies on my mind everyone had to learn to deal with a totally-unfriendly pixie with emotional scars too many to name. its funny now, her quirks. it wasnt funny then.

denn says i cant get another puppy until we have a child and said child reaches the age of 5 and asks for the puppy on his/her own volition. all 3 must be met. so for now i can just dream about it.

i was thinking. each child should get a distinctive pup. not one of these tribal things (que image of the four yorks) where to the outsider everyone looks the same. so i was thinking.

child one, still unmanufactured (gee whiz, hold your horses!),should probably get a dalmation.

short coat, easy to maintain. not small enough that can be squeezed to certain d-e-a-t-h. not too big, not too small.  no hair grooming required, no necessity for cutesy hair clips. and ribbons. the breed is intelligent, active.