Hello after holiday blues; it’s been a while

It’s been a while since I felt this after-holiday-back-to-work feeling; and it started last night! No amount of ju-Yee-yiu managed to quell the dread. One would have expected to have grown out of it by now; but clearly not this girl!

This CNY has been very different, a marked change from my past 27 years, ahem, I meant 18 years. For one, this is the first year we started giving Ang pows. It’s customary for married couples to bless the children, singletons, or yet-to-wed couples and elders in the family with red packets. I truly enjoyed the process; especially giving (finally) red packets to our parents! That was a milestone.


We also celebrated our reunion dinner with Denn’s side of the house this year, instead of splitting off to our respective families. It was teochew in all sense of the word, with braised duck, fish maw soup stock, home-made meat balls.

CNY visitation was thankfully painless with both sides allowing us to “discount” our usual route somewhat. So we hit up only the closer relatives, and were done fairly early. Over-eat became our middle names; and now have to work doubly hard to rid ourselves of our tummies.

Thankful for family. Only have shots of the lim side; the tans (myself included) were too busy stuffing face and forgot to take pictures. Eeeks!



Hello daydreams; good days ahead

This is one of those “gotta-be-at-many places” days while the husband is valiantly trying to recuperate at home from a flu bug going around.

In the goods van, I find thoughts hiding in the recesses of my brain. And think about what I would be doing if not for the business. Don’t get me wrong; I love what I do; I truly do. I want this work to never end.

But as I daydream; and because in dreams we can be anything we want; Today I muse about being a girl-at-the-cafe. To know people by their drink choices; to read the works of budding writers over their shoulder. To write my man-booker prize winning novel. To have someone secretly draw me while I serve up coffee or sit quietly reading at a particular corner. Or the adventure of a secret pen pal. One who would leave me secret philosophical notes under the table. I wouldn’t know who this person is; even if I were working there.


Hello CNY Panic; I need more time!

6 days to CNY!

Who knew when she got married, that the boyfriend, who generally lived with her mess, would suddenly become a stickler for “the house must be neat for CNY” after the “I do”s? Certainly not me!

The home is a complete mess; largely because our faithfully neat helper went on a 2 week home leave. Denn’s been keeping awful hours at work; dad’s just dad; so housekeeping falls to me and mum; but given as we both had busy weeks, the full-time job of packing and cleaning have kinda been shelved.. Ahaha..

Now that, and I say this with bubbling joy, our helper is BACK, Knowing what a load our helper has to go through just downstairs, I told her (oh why oh why) that I’ll settle my own room..

Had no time to go shopping; so I bought online. Piles of unopened purchases; like these:


My dresser is a war zone! The first two levels just make-up and skin care; the bottom few house my bangles, electronics, etc


Our tv has been turned into our clothes hanger; because I was in charge of laundry and everyone had to re-wear clothes at least once. Febreezed and hung. More unopened purchases, shawls..


The walk in wardrobe has hidden piles of unhung clean clothes..



And then amidst it all, linens have to be changed, curtains vacuumed, bed side tables packed.

It’s just the Monday panic! Cancel all dinner appointments this week. Just deal. One portion a night! Can be done! Go me! I need another few hands!!

My puppy hasn’t even woken up yet; that care-less dog mocks my panic.


Hello dango, you feel good in my tummy.


Denn and I were both working this morning; and kinda crashed out for a couple of hours (gulp!) in the pm; much needed; just resting and being quiet together with the pups in bed with us.

Finally got up at 5 pm when we by tacit understanding just dove into work; knowing we’d both have a long night ahead.

8 pm; Denn bemoans his hunger; and we decide to have a quick meal at Greenwich Village; because I need a bubble tea fix anyway. But since we’re here, thought to have a date night at Raikuichi; whose food looks alot better than it actually taste. Gimme shinjuku any day. Service was dismal, food served fairly cold. Teapot soup smelt strange, udon broth was sweet. Only the ei hire and the tatami iwashi were yummy; and a sure-way to perk me up, macha ice cream with red beans and dango. Oh dango, I love you so.


(That’s a dango double order; and I ate most of them!)

I digress. The food left more to be desired, but I loved the impromptu date night, and the excellent company.

Bubble tea. Here we come!