eye spy my romantic blue

ring update!

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my skinny rings

i love rings. there used to be a time where i would buy a ring from every holiday destination or at any significant milestone. (little has changed, really– i still love rings)

anyway, recently i have been very drawn to skinny rings, i blame roseark, they feature the most gorgeous things sometimes.

From Jennifer Meyer: thin gold stacked rings with precious stones

from munchkin designs: imperfect customisable stacking rings

from Etsy, another favourite haunt

By bloomstudio: dainty gold stacking rings: in yellow, white and rose gold

by tammy antoinette: Skinny Minis

by silverwoods: water rings in 14 karat rose gold

anyway i think you guys get my point.

as i am drawn to these ring stacks, i also think how lovely it is to wear just one alone.  so dainty, methinks.

case in point:

by proteales: a sliver of gold

so after my big hoo-ha about losing my brillant rose diamond (read abt it here), the pea and i were looking at replacement  another ring.

back then before the diamond got lost, while we were in the states we started looking at skinny rings (okay i say we, but really the pea has no interest in jewellry unless it scratches him accidentally). came close to buying a couple, but boy are we lucky we didn’t! because we recently found this lovely japanese designer. and perfect timing, cos well, we’re looking at rings!

romantic blue : found here

i can’t read japanese, so i guess i’d just describe it a little. its a skinny band of  diamonds set in 18K gold. tiny tiny diamonds that go all around. width of the ring is about 1 mm. ( i just measured!) and it has an inlaid tiny blue sapphire, trademark of this range.

it also comes in rose gold, platinum & platinum with solitaire. we got the yellow gold one.

it looks better in real life than in the picture!

we were actually pretty surprised that aurora jewellry in singapore carried the romantic blue line cos i always thought they only handled  simulated diamonds and semi precious stones. but apparently 3 of their outlets actually carry real diamonds. lucky for us, the branch we picked (because i had to go and see the ring in real life –since i found out romantic blue is now  in Singapore under aurora) were one of those 3 that did! serendipity! :) its so dainty, i’m so scared i’d knock the diamonds right out (again) but the pea assures me the shop attendant told him they could replace the diamonds if they got knocked out for a fee (free workmanship, but he’s gotta pay for the diamond.)


dont get in my way.

i am ready to wave the white flag and surrender; i really should do nothing else but stay home and curl up under my blankets.

this morning held such promise, the quiet rain, waking up to both dogs snoozing next to me, perfect start right. then everything, i mean everything spiraled out of control.

the pea refused to get up, bronco slinked away looking guilty (its very obvious when he’s feeling guilty because he faces the wall and refuses to move– i swear i do not know where he learnt that from, i’ve never punished him that way before)– and i do not know what he did wrong, pix went to poop in dad’s room (which is really rare as well, i do not know what got into them today), the car ran out of fuel, the big dogs had wet feet and tried to pounce on me, dad wanted me to do his stuff NOW NOW NOW when i had meetings planned, then i had to chase mum down (another story for another time)

and.. get this okay.. i lost my diamond. my little brillant rose diamond by sookee. i mean it. i lost the diamond, not the ring. and how did i find out? because i got a huge scratch on my face from the metal prongs that USED TO hold the diamonds.

and we tried looking for it, but 1) its not very big 2) i hit so many places today i wouldn’t know where to begin.

tres sad.

dont forget your old loves

it all started because my parents decided to renovate the house in 2008. the same year i graduated from university. we packed boxes and boxes of our own memories up, sealed them and stored them. two years on, i had to be forced by the pea, and enabled by the hufflepuff (and huffleboy) to unpack them because it was getting ridiculous.

so, in the midst of unpacking, i found my old letters box. letters from old friends, including Dannyboy (my pen-pal, oh how i’ve missed your chicken scratch, danson!) SueAnn, the Brother, and well, ry.

then there’s A~, and i read through some of them, as many as i could bear without shaking my head and thinking wow, were were once this young, and this happy? and seriously, maybe, just maybe if i had shared these letters with someone, maybe that someone could have pointed out, how clear the signs were. me, being me, and as thickheaded as it comes, clearly didnt get it. and i wonder if he still holds the letters i wrote to him, maybe one day we’ld get the chance to put them side by side and piece the story back together.

but what would be the point, i ask myself, over and over. he made a choice, and i made one, that faithful trip to new zealand. and you know, i really think he’s forgotten it all. because i just met him (and his girlfriend) and he met the pea, and i do not recognise the boy from all those years ago. the friday letters, the studying at long john silvers, the green M&Ms, the icq conversations, the innocence about being sixteen and waiting for a boy/girl at the MRT station, the shy way we’d hold hands and pretended we weren’t.

but perhaps he is happier now, with the choices he has made, to come back here, to his life partner, to his work. i most certainly hope he is.

i wanted to write him a card, just to write a little note of encouragement to perhaps make him feel just a little better in a long week, but i ran out of words, and then i got sleepy.

in one of his letters (and there were many many many of them), he wrote not to forget him. maybe everyone writes that , especially in primary school where we sign autographs to the tune of “burn hot coffee, burn hot tea..” , but seriously, seriously. i haven’t.

we’re both 25, and having the time of our lives with our work. we’re both seeing different people, in different fields, and have nothing in common. i just wondered, and i would ask, would i matter enough, for him to make an effort to get to know the pea, just as i asked myself if i could get along with his girlfriend, so at least the 4 of us could have dinner, and hang out. maybe then, only then, can the 2 of us find our friendship again. with both our partners being comfortable with the situation.

but it is probably too long ago, and he’s probably forgotten, or perhaps i am mistaken, our childish alliance in our youth, not worth the effort.

dont spill the nine bowls of soup

so yesterday i went to drop off a cd for cherie and got to spend some time alone with Q. also because i was waiting for the pea to be done with school, i had perhaps an hour (or two).

anyway, Q and i listened to nine bowls of soup, by They might be giants. so insanely funny, his expressions through the whole video, and despite him (q) being only 5 months old, it is as if he really understands.

anyway, after that, manyants, the pea and i went for a long lunch and had tons of fun singing it in the car as well. (the pea sings the part of the ICKY-o-saur). it’s actually an ichthyosaur, there are actually fossils of it at the Natural History Museum in NYC!

dont watch the wrong cloud; fireworks.

its national day weekend, and this year has been a very special year, for us here in Tamarind. largely because alot of our friends have been involved in the planning and execution of the event. i for one, was very excited to go to the parade–and every other person (ok, that’s an exaggeration, but you get the gist) was a familar face.

a childhood friend of mine got married this weekend.  G & A were best friends when she was 14/ he was 16 respectively, then they grew apart. somewhere along the line they rekindled the friendship and a little bit of pixie dust, and a whole lot of God’s leading, ended up at the altar, exchanging vows. everyone knows how much i love weddings, so i took extra care to make sure all my make up was waterproof. the pea had a laugh about it and i said how i’ve grown past my romantic notions. but hoo boy, it was so touching and sweet, i definately felt the tear-jerk. maybe too long never cry.

then chair turned 30, a small intimate party. the bub was well behaved too, i must say– and i am awful glad we brought him last week to the full (i mean full works) mani pedi, where we took turns bouncing him on our knees. (chair and i had the mani pedi, not Q)

we had drinks with some old friends too (my old friends, not the pea’s) and it was so good, just languiding in the company of old friends, friends that studied with me through the O levels, and were the ones i looked forward to seeing every friday afternoons and weekends. even though i no longer am close to them (they are still close; and i think we all have too much history to allow me to be a part of them again), it was very nice of them to extend the invitation for drinks to the pea and i. and in many ways, i am thankful we went.

the pea sits across me in the office as i type this. he’s funny, his hair is sticking up in turfs. this morning i woke up to pixie sitting asride his tummy (luckily she has no fear of heights, sniggers), staring at his nose. i wish the iphone was close enough to snap a shot.