this is run-on

this is the begining of an end, quite like every begining, and quite like any end. it is the story of words unwritten and stories untold. of giggles unheard and of tears unshed. it is the begining.

the pages of the book roll back as if the invisible backspace button is hit uncontrollably, in rage, in love, in insistance, in guilt, in shame, in persistance. the ink blots, stops, and as quickly removes its own sticky stain and vanishes.

just like love. just like rage.

there are no circles, no shelter in this storm. i want to relish its ride, i want to run out and drench myself in its loving, angry weeping, i want to laugh and dance in circles and catch its tears on my tongue.

perhaps, we all need therapy. we’re all our worst enemy.


how different life is

its a quiet night, a quiet night that seeps through the windows. the aching calm, the blistering silence. choice. i chose this quiet night.

but i remember the walk by the river, because tonight i’m reminded. the walk by the river with dancing feet and red flowers down my back green-stripes down yours.

but you won’t remember, you’d sit there and wonder if this is about you. you won’t remember it, as usual, for you are not the sentimental fool.

i remember dreaming a little dream and i remember too little and too much.

so many people get over so much more: deaths. divorces. abandonment. abuse. disability. battery. surely the time has come to stop mopping. (possibly start therapy). surely the time has come to stop. to just stop feeling. to just stop trying. to just stop comparing. to just stop. to. just. stop. stop. stop. stop.

because everything’s going lalabananas for you, i’m happy for you. worried, but happy for you. i no longer feel i know you like i did, and i don’t know whose responsibility it is to bridge the gap; quite honestly.

jibber jabber

this blog is getting stale, i’ve been just focused on the assignment and the lost dog, its ridiculous how little time i’ve had for anything else.

last week’s presentation with Mr Shrek went very well, i must say. ( i think it did) and funny how everything falls into its place despite un-rehearsals. between red and green and lollipops i think we pulled it off.

oddly, where is jimmy boh!! haven’t seen you in school for ages, hur hur, someone hiding ah. (i even met Doug at Macs, purely by coincidence!) but where are you Mr Boh?

tired of school.