blood letting

i thought blood letting was a primitive medical procedure, but i had it performed on me today. horror of horrors.

well, some sort of a blood letting. TCM. haha. i exaggerate. well she used the words blood letting in chinese, but in actual fact she pricked me with pretty long acupuncture needles and then stuck the sucking cup thing on it to draw out the blood.

i was very brave. the pea in the next room sounded quite horrified but i was very brave.

anyway, this is all because i have inflammations in both my shoulders which has resulted in me having super stiff shoulders that cause hurt when i lift my arms, even driving hurts. an hour and a half of kneading and rubbing and acupuncture and i feel much better, now i smell like a walking herbal packet, and really should go and shower.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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