flying under the radar

i dunno what it is, but something in my room is making me sneeze, save the sniggers, my room is not dusty. the last 2 nights i slept in my room has seen me wheezing and sneezing. but oddly, in the day in exactly the same position i am fine.

bronco has become a real nightmare– he is really really REALLY terrified by thunders, and shakes uncontrollable and whines and cries. then hyperventilates (it sure sounds like he is, either that or REALLY fast breathing.) he roams about aimlessly looking for a safe place to be, but cant seem to settle down so i end up cuddling him the whole night against my chest (i’m hoping  the heartbeat will soothe him) the pea, the prefect and myself haven’t quite managed to figure out the sure fix answer. previous night the pea and i didnt come back, so i arranged for the prefect to take care of him–ho ho! she had the chance to experience it first hand.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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