where do macs go and die

i am ready to give up on my macbook, seriously.

after i spent a ton of money and i mean a ton sending it in for servicing because the harddisk crashed just months ago, now, it seems the damn battery is fried, again. it’s not the bloody first time, and i had just about enough of this.

this macbook was from the first generation, got it nearly 2 yrs back already. the pea says that’s about the life of a laptop, any laptop. but i am very very upset because hell, this is ridiculous.

i’ve spent, alot of money and i mean alot of money on this thing. buggers to me, seriously irritated. 

and now the battery symbol with a little cross in the middle mocks me, even as i am about to sleep.

i’ve done all i could for this mac, it’s gotta go, enough is enough.

qn: what do i do with a dying mac.. is it re-sellable?

looked around the website, man, macbook air looks like hotstuff. or shall i just go back to windows.. but i am truly a mac girl at heart, i really dont think i could..

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my world, out of your reach

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