private practice rocks my socks

so i’m sitting here with the hufflepuff, having only read 3 pages of my PDF the WHOLE DAY, thinking about the amazing private practice episode i watched last night. hur. :) sam feelgood looks pretty damn good doesnt he? and pete. oh my dont get me started on pete. i cant decide if i like the boys from grey’s or private practice better. mc dreamy & mc steamy v pete & sam. hmmm.

as you can tell. i am feeling frivolous. and this has gotta be the worst time in the world to be doing this. i have been having amazing hour-long breakfasts with a 2 hour nap ensuing. i have had a manicure and a pedicure. i have gone for an amazing dance performance by twinkletoes. i have re-watched the secret. i have gone to get my sticky hands on jellyhearts (sorry tien, they didnt have enough for another box for you). i have taken 3 hour naps just because.

did i mention, its study week and study seems to be the last thing i am doing? oh flying per-tuties.

the nano is sitting pretty at home–they delivered it today. WATCH THIS SPACE for its first picture! the stupid sisters have their leopard already. whoot. :) i’ll put it in one this storm passes. then all of you can be squirming in jealously. hehe.

kisses to all, sorry for the slow updates. show some comments-love. let me know who you are, and why you’re here!


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my world, out of your reach

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