compiling the booklist

while i should be planning itinerary, routes, budgets and must-sees, must-eats, must-dos,  what i am doing now, is to plan the books i can bring with me. i know, i know. :) hee. this is the girl who brought 3 books for a weekend to Genting; i am so excited to start. i know i have many at home that i havent even started reading, but when leaving town one must go and buy new books to prep for the upcoming trip!

  1. love in the time of cholera –gabriel garcia marquez
  2. the bluest eye –toni morrison
  3. the lotus and the cross –ravi zacharias
  4. their eyes were watching god –zora neale hurston
  5. i know this much is true –wally lamb
  6. black and blue –anna quindlen
  7. middlesex –jeffrey eugenides
  8. south of the border, west of the sun — haruki murakami

this is my work-in-progress list so far; please provide comments on the list; especially if you’ve read any of the books–let me know how you felt abt it? and if you have any other amazingggg books that are MUST reads to you, nothing gory please (celia is very visual; and does not fancy insomia). if you have copies of any of the books on the list, and are willing to GIVE it to me (cos i’m anal and i need to KEEP books)– please also indicate! :) love-love! comment away!


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6 thoughts on “compiling the booklist”

  1. where are you going?

    gabriel garcia marquez tells beautiful stories. go read one hundred years of solitude.

    i know this much is true is..alright.

    haruki murakami boggles the mind, but good nonetheless.

    go find jhumpa lahiri’s books. she’s got great prose.

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