C is for Confinement

On this, the last day of my “confinement”, I celebrate how much happier I am this time around, that I had a “modern confinement”. I started walking around my hospital room on the 2nd day after the c-Sec, and took my first meeting 8 days after G. It started off with short meetings, then I started going to check on things at the shop for a few hours. And boom, here I am, a month later: feeling happier and healthier and better than ever before.

In the last month, we’ve done many things!

We bought our first company van:

And bidded successfully for a new office space:

..and started a new contract for services while winding down the old 9 year contract. Such bittersweet but I’m so excited about moving forward too.

I eat well, and normally, mostly clean (but I cheat, I admit)

And a lot of yummy homecooked food, thanks to my inlaws who invested so much time to come over to help with meals.

I had so much support this month! See, my amazing support group:

God is good- he gives us what we can handle. And I am so thankful for supportive family who let me take the lead with my own recovery. That they gave me the freedom to do what I needed (to keep sane), and showered me with love (and fresh good food – from my in laws). 

Grateful for all the slack everyone cut me since I am not at 100%, and feeling so sated with the both bubs sleeping peacefully. 


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