lazy sundays were made for me.

i need some girlfriends! time
or park nights.
but some people dont care about me.



hmmm. my blog stats show pretty heavy traffic, : ) everyone’s a voyeur aren’t they.

its always nice, being on the outside looking in.
(hello stalker, are you friend or foe?)

its nice to know
little darling
that i’m still the first person
you run to
when your world starts
to shatter around you.

i hope the couple massage did you both some good.


we drove into the horizon, you and me
the road seasoned and broken
tar cracks and lines that are no longer distinct
the air crackled with static
of the radio of you and me

we fought for breath, for life
for those molecues of poison air
that filled our skins
and tattooed across our fingertips
the road rolled along

no junctions up ahead
only the long road to nowhere
and yet everywhere that we want to go

you and me
123 kilometers towards the horizon
i close my eyes
(and you’re gone).

little pug, little pug

you think i’ve forgotten, i haven’t.
and everytime i see you i’m reminded of the scar
your knife left in my back.

dont be silly, it wasnt because you were my friend–
you weren’t.
it was because for nearly half a year
you made someone dear to me believe i was something
i wasn’t.
you didn’t understand– you didnt understand me, or the dynamics,
or the history, or the players in the game.
and you stuck your stupid fat little nose in
and acted like you were the queen of the frickin world.

i dont care for your scrunched-face smiles.
turn your face somewhere else.