C is for carry

I love how E is taking well to being a big Sister. Mostly she is protective of G, often adding to the noise when G is crying to loudly Inform us (In case we can’t hear him) that “(her) baby Brother is crying!” 

E is struggling to share her things – toys at the playground, food and sweets that she enjoys, and  her things at home when guests come. While part of me doesn’t advocate her sharing with strangers, cos we adults don’t either (we don’t offer our “toys” to strangers we meet at the bus stop, so how can I expect her to?) but her reluctance to share even with friends is starting to bother me– so we are working on it.

But with G, she seems alright to share, in bite sized chunks. We started with asking her to share her Swaddles. As a background, E loves her Aden + Anais bamboo swaddles. And sleeps with at least two of them. She always has one wherever she goes, kept safely in her bag. We got  G his own set, but sometimes in a pinch, we use E’s — and while she voices her displeasure, she hasn’t quite snatched it back from G. Phew. 

So tonight G was fussing and I thought to try him in the ringsling — who cares that it’s pink? I like pink. — and when E saw it she immediately said “my sling!”  So I asked if i could carry G in it for a bit — and surprisingly she said ok! 

Then at bedtime, she came up to me rather hesitatingly, and asked if I could carry her in the sling. D of course steps in to offer to sling her (but he doesn’t use the ring sling) and she very gingerly explained she wanted to be carried in the pink one and wanted mummy to carry her. I had completely stopped carrying her from my second trimester with G cos we had a bleeding episode. So this request to be carried by me came as a surprise. 

So I did (but was mainly sitting down, after I put her in)– cos G was born via C-sect and I’m still sensitive– and oh what a song it was in my heart. How much I’ve missed carrying this child, almost a little too big for ringslings — but it delighted me to accede her request.



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