B is for blogging

I grew up in an era where we blogged – we went from diaryland to livejournal to blogspot to WordPress. We blogged about our lives, our loves, our work, our heartbreaks, our friendships, our thoughts, our emotions.

I was:

Flowerfall.diaryland.com , faeriedances.diaryland.com , pingspeaks.diaryland.com , brokenpathways.blogspot.com, dancinglights.wordpress.com

Most of them defunct and lost  — and that makes me sad, to lose all those precious memories, those happy pictures taken with our grainy phones. I also remember the good times, that has been intrinsically lost forever. The hours i spent writing (typing), that Fool-happy love, the first dates, the letters we’d write, the gathering of friends, life experiences in that moment

But maybe it’s better this way now that we’re older and grown and our online personalities have becomes so public. Yikes, that horrible breakup(s), that relationship that never was, that fight that cleaved us in two. Maybe I am thankful, that those cringe worthy dramatics have been washed away by as e-platforms become defunct. 

I remember when D and I started dating: he’d drive home at 3 am in the mornings – from Yio Chu Kang to Clementi: and I’d read him excerpts from my old blogs. I think he has singularly heard all the posts from day 1, in those hundreds of night drives back. Even the old posts, even about exes. It was liberating to read them through, to know D wanted to know all of me, past and all. 

But friends, has blogging become passé? 

I haven’t blogged in years (except on travels) but I love using words to capture memories for I am neither photogenic Nor a great photographer. I love sitting quietly and trying to figure out the best, no, most appropropriate, no, most apt, (you get what I mean) word to describe my frame of mind right there and then. Maybe it becomes rambling, but it’s my rambling.


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my world, out of your reach

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