E is for excitement

Dear Gabriel,

Hello Son — we’re at 34w5d now and we have been told that you’d likely come in the next two weeks. That’s great, but if you could, please try and hold off? You’re a little undercooked at the moment and need to stay in a while more. 

We went to see you today: daddy and I. Your Sister was not feeling particularly cooperative so she was left at home. Seems like every time we go and see you, you’d be hiding your face– and twice now, we caught you sucking on your little fists.

You’re clearly active, and strong (and heavy) and mummy is struggling to walk – my pelvis hurts and I have to wear a brace to stagger around the house. I have to apologise for all the crazy emotions you’re receiving – it’s a stressful time with work and I’m trying to keep as calm as possible for you. Sometimes I feel like the top of my head is going to blow off – and your patient little tapping reminds me to keep myself in check.

E is not so very interested in you at the moment, and to be honest, since she is only 2, it’s probably better this way. She will struggle to share her things with you, but this is a lesson for her and not you. It is my prayer that you take after your daddy’s patience and fortitude – and not mummy’s dramatic tendencies.

We’re ready for you. But stay in there a little longer please. 


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my world, out of your reach

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