Letters from the Valley: California dreaming 

Oh, come on, sing it with me: “All the leaves are browning/ and the sky is grey/ I went for a walk/ On a winter’s day.” 

We are doing a lot of walking (by my standards) and it was a lovely day to walk to South Park, and catch a little sun. Maybe I just miss having someone’s hand to hold. Denn confided that he has been waiting for me to come over, he misses having someone around to do the couple things with, like walk around the park.    

Today I had breakfast with my Favourite boys, at a lovely little French patisserie, the Butler and the Chef. Very Parisian, but what would I know, I have never been to Paris. The Hot chocolate was lovely, but I did not enjoy the country ham as much as I expected to. 
I took 3 nights to settle into the jet lag; it’s already Tuesday over here. A couple more days left, it’s already feels like the vacation is nearly over. Denn has been working a fair bit yesterday and today, and growled at me more than once. Ah, love, how I miss you surly so. 

Little C brought me out for some shopping, and I should not have walked into Saks off 5th, which was discount Saks. Cos I  ended up buying things I did not know I even needed– like  that Marc Jacob diaper bag. Tsk, bad influence, that one. But it was nice just being out and about w Little C, have missed her so. Even if she encouraged me to buy 4 pairs of shoes, when I only needed 1. 

Taking in the Alcatraz tour today! 

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my world, out of your reach

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