Letters from the valley: Of Baths, smoking cars and Michellin stars

Jet lag means you wake your reluctant Husband at 7 am to go for breakfast. I am not used to not having 24-hour eateries (everywhere in +65, FTW!) and we ended up waiting outside the Cliffhouse for an hour before they open. The clam chowder and steamed clams (clams clams, we can eat them all day)  were well worth the wait! Loved the pot sticker rolls but we ate them too quickly, no pictures.

The Suthro baths were a nice visit, and the area called Lands end was pretty aptly named. Loved the morning climbing up cliffs (wilderness, me??) and taking in some sea air. 

Someone got some seagull poop on his 328i and was not happy. Little C only cheered up after coffee, and finally forgave me for waking (and asking –somewhat fearfully — her out at this somewhat ungodly hour.

The Tan boys made an unexpected stop at the mechanics because Little D’s car started smoking, and we had too many people yell at us that “YOUR CAR’S ON FIRE!!”, bye bye X5. 

Dinner was a lovely affair at SPQR. Lovely names on all the dishes–like “fairytale eggplant”, gimme now, thanks. Dinner was wonderful, dessert blew me away.  Roasted strawberry ice cream with meringue .. Oh i was too busy stuffing face to take down the description. Yums.  

Happy 30th, mine. 

D brought me on a Long drive after dinner– to see the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay bridge; and a walk through the Palace of fine arts. The last was so heartbreakingly romantic, what a lovely end to a night out. Photos not mine, didn’t have a good enough camera to capture it. Photos from Wikipedia and Google images


What a first day, with my forev Boyf, who made it all about me rather than himself. I even got a gift!  

Hah! #presentfail, but it’s a very D thing to do– its the heart that counts, and I will treasure it so. His criterion of buying gifts for me : pink and sparkly. Oh, I love this man so, tacky $5 bracelet et al. 

Blessed birthday, sweetheart. The depth of your love surprises me, even after 8 years. Forever, in electric dreams.


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