A run through my mind

Hi Elizabeth,

we have been on bed rest the last few days since we found out about the dilation. I am not entirely sure if bed rest is really effective (too many conflicting articles online) but your daddy (supported by grandma tan and grandpa lim) seem to think so. I have been outvoted so I have to stay in bed until Wednesday when we go and see the gynae for a review of the situation.

Mummy hates bed rest. I thought I would love the idea of staying in bed all day reading my books or playing my crazy Japanese pixel games or crocheting. But now that I can’t do anything else I am totally melting from watching the clock. Your poor daddy. He bears the worst of my clock watching obsession. I wait for him to come home. Then hound him to talk to me. Then get upset because his life is seemingly so normal still (haha, normal is relative). Then I feel sorry I bitched at him for no reason. Then feel sorry for myself. Press repeat.

You have been very active in there. And it’s funny. It gives me a lot of comfort to feel you dancing in there. That is Some kinda music you’re imagining though.. cos it gets quite exciting watching from out here. You kicked xiao yiyi really hard today. She liked it.

See you on ultrasound tomorrow cuteface! For now, here’s a drawing of the tight quarters you have in there.



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