A thankful heart

It took me a long while to get to this state, this state of somewhat contentment and quietness. I have always had a problem with life changing seasons, but this shook me (and Denn) quite hard.

Elizabeth, Darling, you are truly my child, so much drama from conception. (How unfair for Daddy, who was such an independent contented baby). From hormone inbalance (and resulting treatment), UTIs, bleeding, then that best-forgotten bout of severe nausea that saw Mummy having to go for drip, to this awful symphysis pubis dysfunction and having to wear this strange contraption:


It’s such been an exciting journey. Please baby, enough drama ok? Let’s just do the rest of it with fortitude and gentleness and joyfulness.

I am thankful for:

A very loving partner who sees the worst of me, and makes me feel treasured

Supportive and indulgent parents and inlaws who drive me around, make me bird’s nest, give in to my often poor food choices and cloak me with so much everything.

Siblings (and their plus ones) from both sides who spend time accompanying, carry bags, gift awesome presents and advice, drive me places, take over work duties and just show so much interest in baby’s milestones.

Faithful Friends who uphold baby in prayer and thoughts of light and love. Your friendship nourishes my soul, from whatsapp conversations to phone calls to meet ups –  you guys know who you are – you made those unbearable first 3 months so much better. Thank you for your sustainance.

Tireless collegues at work who cover all manner of inadequacies. I am in your debt.

Attentive helpers at home, who do every thing including giving me a boost out of bed when I can’t seem to get up.

Excellent Doctors that accurately diagnose and heal, often in the nick of time. Our amazing gynae that was very sharp to pick up the hormone deficiency, saved Elizabeth when we were teeter tottering on the edge. Our tenacious family doctor, who has been our source of so much comfort and valuable advice. And our sports specialist who is unfailingly trying to make sure I can still walk in my final trimester.

There is so much to be thankful for, this special season.


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my world, out of your reach

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