C is for crush


It’s been a crush of emotions, an onslaught of Murphy’s law, a cacophony of things-that-need-your-attention-now and that’s leaving me feeling bruised and battered and sorry for myself. 

And today as I will my brain to shut down and prepare for sleep (sans chemical aid), I realise that it is the Faithful God’s way of taking me doen a few notches and reminding me that :

1) this is a temporal home, and we should set aside more store for the eternal one.
2) His measure of success is not the accolades we earn or the financial starements of the company or the status badge we wear.
3) He is a loving, faithful friend that delights in giving me his best.
4) To conduct myself with love and dignity, and lean on his wisdom.
5) These trying times are not there to frustrate me, but to see his Grace in action.

Love.  Joy.  And Peace.

I think I shall go chasing after these instead. He promised, so I believe.


Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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