K is for Kong Kong

my grandpa had a heart attack. he rode his bike to the doctors to get checked, then rode his bike home. then he called my cousin to tell him the doctor says he has to go to the hospital immediately.

my grandpa is a man of very few words; much fewer for the girls than for the boys. mum says when she was growing up, her own father didnt really talk much to her either, preferring to get my grandma to talk to her. i usually have 4 lines for him.

1) Hello Ah Kong — greeting when meeting him
2) I’m Ah Ping — he doesn’t always remember my name. i am more commonly refered to as “Ah Ngoh’s Second daughter)
3) Happy New Year/Happy Birthday — as the occasion fits
4) Ah Kong, Bye!

i didn’t think i’d stay for a long visit, apart from well-wishes, asking him if there is anything i can do for him. judging by our previously awkward conversations, i thought we’d just pop in and showed him we cared and then let him rest. i’m 29 this year, and this afternoon i spent 2 hours visiting him in the hospital and had the longest conversation with him, ever. we shared peaches and giggles and i even brave enough to pat him on the shoulder, then a hug before i left. we teased grandma, we talked about why he refused to go for an endoscopy, we laughed about how he watched football till 5 am a few nights before his heart attack.

grandma snuck a pack of cigarettes in her pocket, despite all of us telling her that Grandpa cannot smoke in the hospital, and told her not to give it to him. As we were leaving, she snuck it to him anyway. we laughed and said how thoughtful she was, that she brought the one thing he probably wants the most after his 3-day confinement.. but did she forget to bring him a lighter? she grinned a very cheeky grin, and dug one out of her bag with such a look of triumph. her joy was short lived though — grandpa told her to bring it home for him since he was coming home tomorrow.

grandpa looks well and cheerful. hale and hearty too. i am glad, i got to see such a delightful scene with my grandparents. i am thankful they have each other, that they laugh with each other, they help (even well-intention-ed cig smuggling) each other, and they delight in each other.

多珍贵 how precious.


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my world, out of your reach

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