O is for Origin

I am watching this oddity of a Korean drama with D – and because
We have to work the next day,  we limit ourselves to 2 episodes a night. There are nights we slip up and watch 2.5 episodes (if it ends on a cliff hanger..then the next night we watch 1.5 episodes. Then there are nights where we are too caught up with work, we forget we had a drama date..

Anyway.. there is this part in the show where it was a particularly tough, emotional tension. The lines goes something like this. . 那不我们都回去原点吧。which loosely translated means, since that is the case, let’s go back to the origin (starting point)

Where would your starting point be? Where does the beginning of what defines you begin and what would you do different this time?

“It is our choices…that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” -albus dumbledore


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my world, out of your reach

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