Q is for Quiet

We can hear the crash of the sea from our bed, despite closed doors and windows. It sounds manically angry. Oh I’ve been to many beaches, but this is the first time I’m hearing the crash of the sea quite like that, from my bed.

It’s 4.30 am here in Lombok. I am awake because I’ve got a mozzie bite behind my ear. Actually it was the whine of the mozzie that woke me. But I prevailed, oh yes I did. I killed the little bloodsucker, in a burst of blood and guts. Fat little porker, feasting on me and Denn.

So much excitement and its only night 1.

Denn and I travel quite a fair bit, we do. Packing a travel bag is quite a quick 10 minute affair. But this time I did a real bad job of things. I forgot his specific – must – have cleanser. Packed him too many underpants, but forgot his sleep shirts. Packed my jewellery to match my outfits, but forgot our toothbrushes. I chalk it up to me not feeling too well before the trip. I never mess up travel packing. I have everything I need, always. But this time I forgot my essential oil bag!

Tomorrow I’m going to go to the shopping town (please tell me there is a shopping area.. street stalls.. anything!!) To buy him some of those beer singlets to sleep in.. and maybe a couple of beach lounge pants for me. If we come back quick and wash them.. We probably can leave them out to dry by sat.

The resort is lovely though. Good bed, clean facilities, attentive staff. When I called the operator to ask how to stop the safe from beeping at 4 am in the morning (i was trying to set the code and set the darn thing off).. They didn’t laugh at me. My forever boyfriend did though. The safe beeped for a long while.

We realised when we headed for bed, there was only 1 pillow allotted for each of us. Just to set things in context, Denn and I sleep with 7 pillows and 4 dogs at home. There is always something to cuddle, hug or hold on to. so just now, we decided it was too late to trouble housekeeping to bring us more pillows.. so we will make do for tonight. But boy do I regret that now.

Love is when.. you are tossing and turning, and you wake your partner up from the ruckus.. He asks you what is wrong, and you say “I can’t sleep with 1 pillow”, he moves over to share his pillow with you, so you can hug yours.

True love is when.. despite having one and a half pillows and still can’t sleep, he attempts to pat pat you to sleep, automatically. He didn’t manage to lull Me to sleep, but valiant attempt.

Boy did i luck out or what.

Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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