S is for Swim


The perpetual summer; my love affair with swim wear. oh dont we all wish we had bodies like alessandra ambrosio. but alas, we cannot all be victoria secret angels — but one can always look. i remember covering my files in College with VS bikini shots, and my GP tutor asked me about it one day. it’s not so much about the girls or their bodies, but what that freedom on the beach means to me. holidays are never complete without a beach. (hear me, Dennis!! BRING ME TO FIJI!!)

so we just got back from Sepang, a beach — but we didnt really hit the beach because the beach was not the pretty type. Heading to Lombok with my in-laws middle of the month for Denn’s cousin’s wedding — am seriously doubting any beach time; especially given that the whole gin=gang of relatives will be there– and being on the beach with familiars just isnt the same. (Take me back to the topless beach on Santorini! i was too much of a prude to go bottomless. the hoo hoos are one thing. the haa haas? my forevboyf doth not allow it).

So i have acquired a new tankini — my old nautica ones were from New York, too many moons ago; this time from the sensible people at lands’ end, just in case we want to do any form of swimming in the sea– i actually know someone who completely lost her bikini top in the sea, while i was swimming with her. too funny — over paranoid — will not do real swimming in bikini — and if i have to, double knot, double-double knot.

since the hormone inbalance and the weight gain, i dont think i’ve put on a bikini –but this weekend, i got a little suntanning done on the deck in our resort room, and i think i’ve gotten the bug again. time to get back in shape!

anyway, i’m planning a short trip with my girls to perhentian, its beachy.

Aug, denn and i are doing the Malaysia coast. again, beachy.

maybe okinawa for my birthday? Beachy!

oh i guess that must be why i went a little nuts and bought two other swimmies i do not need. :) thanks Denn.


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