Letters from the road; 4-post bed

Last night we got to the resort at 10.30 pm. And that is the last time check I’m making on this trip. we are trying to do this trip without time checks – what a difference it is from our daily slew of meetings and deadlines and whatnots. So we sleep when we’re tired, eat when we’re hungry, drink as much coffee as we want (not need) whatever time it is.


We sleep in a four-post bed complete with the soft mosquito net. I always wanted a bed like that, my mother calls it a “princess bed” – which i spent most of my childhood petitioning for. the ceiling fan in my room always stood in the way. this room has a gorgeous atap style really high ceiling. its dreamy.

the resort is pretty, i give you that — funishings are new and everything is ordered via the TV — buggy ride to wherever in the resort, room service.. pretty cool. A life buoy in every room to save a drowning person on the balcony oddly makes me feel safer despite its jarring orange colour (we are in a villa, with a balcony jutting out over the sea.). the check in was efficient, the lobby gorgeous. room service was efficient and delish, and not overpriced. the spa facilities look to die for.


but oh, let me catalogue the flaws. hey, i always say, its the details that matter. i woke up this morning to the dismay that the sea is a muddy green-brown colour, the complimentary coffee is a instant mix, the shower amenities are from a dispenser and the body lotion is from a communal pot (wouldn’t touch that with a 10 foot pole). there is no where to plug in the coffee maker (i had to unplug a lamp!) and our room evacuation plan is a ladder (it is a gorgeous bamboo ladder though) leaning on the balcony wall. oh, did i mention the fact that we didnt realise (we got in at night after driving all evening) that our toilet faces a completely open glass window, so one of us (ahem, it wasn’t me), walked out of the bathroom after his bath and totally flashed the neighbours. “Do you think the neighbours saw me naked???” well, we were the only ones with the lights on and they were looking our direction and its a pretty big glass window..

i had a quiet night out on the balcony; there were some local fishermen out at night, shining their torches into the water and casting nets, just below my deck (we are on the 2nd floor), singing softly. it was oddly serene.

now to hit the beach!


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