B is for Beach Bum

D and i are definately Beach people; (not that we have the bodies for it anymore), but we have always loved the beach– our first long holiday together was to Phuket where we spent entire days on the beach with our books/games and what a wonderful memory that was. Since then, our default relax mode has always been to head to the beach — and i’ve been moaning and groaning (in a really bad way) about how i need to hit the beach ASAP.

D surprised me, this Good Friday weekend, to telling me that he’s applied and gotten approval (YAY for his awesome boss!) for leave the labour day long weekend. Rock my socks, Tickle my fancy– we’re off to the beach!

This year, we really want to do a long drive trip through the west coast of Malaysia. Dad’s best friend strongly recommends the trip and gave us many many pointers for our route. We’re doing that in August — maybe take a 2 or 3 week drive and see where that takes us.

Well for this 3-day holiday, D insists on not flying.. which limits me to well, Boats or Cars.. and since we had an awful experience in Batam and we did Bintan for our 1st year anniversary, we’re off to Malaysia! 3 glorious days of Sun, Sand and Sea with my Man.

3.Superior-Room 161823_120511124824189_800x600 199398Need a new swim suit! Yikes!




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