F is for Fresh Bait

5 am; haven’t slept: assaulted by an army of Mosquitos. It started with a bite on my pinky, then a bite on my thumb; 3 am. Stuffed my hands under the covers– only to wake up in half an hour to count not 2, not 3, but 11 bites on my face ears and neck.

What? I’ve slept without Air-conditioning for the last 10 years and it’s never happened. Even during the monsoon/mosquito season. I killed one of the suckers. Blood burst. Clear torso, pale body — no lines on legs; perhaps a fresh batch of mozzies.

Tomorrow I am going to tear apart the house to find out where these guys are breeding; possibly call the pest exterminators to come and fog the area.

I am not happy; tomorrow was supposed to be a productive day of admin. But here I am; 5 am, freshly bathed, didn’t get more than 20 winks of sleep and grumpy to high heavens.

Oona has been scratching; but being a Maltipoo, she’s got the facial features of a Maltese and the fur of the poodle. Very cute but very curly– almost impossible to see her skin. Do Mosquitos bite dogs? I doused her with Purification EO. She is now hiding under the bed; seething with anger. She’s so mad she picked a fight with Pixie (not very smart, that Oona), and is growling at herself. I can hear the rumbles emanating from beneath me. Poor baby.

Woke Denn up (he woke up chirpy and happy that weirdo) to show him my bites and to check him to see if he’s been bit. Nil. He fell asleep to my fingers feeling his face, neck, arms, legs. He sleeps barely under the covers; but no bites. Me? Covered up like a snug dumpling? 11.

Pepper must know something is amiss. She curled up in a ball on my chest and comforts me. I think tonight I shall bend the rules and leave her there. As I feel her little heart beat against mine, little by little, the calm washes over. It’s wonderful being comforted by a little dog, barely larger than my foot.


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