E is for Egg Tarts

Today is one of those days when I spent the whole gawdawful day driving (which to those near and dear would attest is stressful for me avid the rest of the world).

So anyway, i am feeling so very “why-always-me?!?”, and my friend Mel, who claims to me my biggest wordpress fan msged me to remind me to pick up my special-limited-edition-cos-they-were-made-for-me-Gula-Melaka egg tarts! Hur, as if I’d forget my Gula Melaka egg tarts. Made by the guru of all things egg tarts, I get my very own custom order Gula Melaka egg tarts. I’m not sharing my Gula Melaka egg tarts. (Ok, I’ll give one to The Sister who is as big a Gula Melaka fan as I am, and one to my momma.. Cos really, these Gula Melaka lovin’ genes came from somewhere.)

How many times can I say Gula Melaka egg tarts before you start thinking about what kind of witchery is this, Gula Melaka egg tarts? What do Gula Melaka egg tarts taste like?   Keep thinking, because I’m not sharing!

;) you rock, Mel.

Author: c

my world, out of your reach

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